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Sources are organized into three categories:

1) List of Chart Sources Go
     Detailed description of sources footnoted beneath each chart.

2) Complete Transcripts of Original Source Documents

a) OPRs, RC Regs, Census Records

b) Wills and Testament Datives
Testament Dative of Alexander McHardie of Craigdorick
Testament Dative of Robert McHardie or McLeod
Extract Inventory of Personal Estate of Charles McHardy

3) Resources Go
     Useful contact information for the Windsor Castle Archives and a list of what they have on the
     McHardy and Bowman family members

1) List of Chart Sources
Quick Find:

[1]  [2]  [3]  [4]  [5]  [6]  [7]  [8]  [9]  [10]  [11]  [12]  [13]  [14]  [15]
[16]  [17]  [18]  [19]  [20] [21]  [22]  [23]  [24]  [25]  [26]  [27]  [28]  [29]

[1] Charles McHardy's 1866 Family Tree Go
    This extensive tree, put together by a member of the Auchallater branch in 1866, provides an excellent starting place for family research. Note, however, that dates are not always accurate when compared to the OPRs. Charles also included many footnotes about individual characters and historic events, and also charted several other McHardy family groups not related to the "Buies."

Hearty thanks to Anna McHardy of New Zealand for typing up Charles' original notes and making his data available to us all.
[2] Helen McHardy
    The personal research of Helen McHardy, a family historian descended from Charles McHardy and Janet Bowman.
[3] Fenton MacHardy Go
    The personal research of Fenton MacHardy, a family historian descended from David MacHardy and Katherine Fenton. Discover more about his research under the Reports button.
[4] I.G.I. — LDS Online Go
    The International Genealogy Index provided by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints through their free Family Search Internet Genealogy Service.
[5] Monumental Inscriptions Go
    Transcriptions of gravestone markers located in Corgarff, Crathie, Inverurie, Allenvale, Nigg, and Kirkton of Auchterhouse Cemeteries.
[6] Alistair Duncan Go
    Personal research of Alistair Duncan, family historian descended from Charles McHardy and Janet Bowman. Alistair kindly passed on some old family photos of Charles McHardy and Janet Bowman.
[7] OPR 240/4 Go
    Strathdon Old Parish Records.
[8] Edinglassie Papers Go
    References to Ann of Auchallater and, indirectly, to Helen Munro in the 1826 Edinglassie Papers, included in Pine Trees and the Sky, by Jean Cantlie Stewart. Printed here with kind permission of the publishers, Scottish Cultural Press & Scottish Children's Press, 1998.
[9] Roy Brown
    Personal research of Roy Brown, family historian descended from William McHardy and Helen Munro.
[10] Death Records transcribed by Suzanne Walker Go
    Suzanne's Strathdon Vital Records web site provides complete (not just McHardy references) transcriptions of the Strathdon OPRs as well as transcriptions of Death Records for Strathdon filmed by the LDS Church.
[11] Major MacHardy
    The personal research of Major William MacHardy, the last member of the McHardy/MacHardy family to farm Ordachoy. His research has been passed on with his permission by Fenton MacHardy.
[12] OPR 183 Go
    Crathie and Braemar Old Parish Records.
[13] OPR 201/1 Go
    Glenmuick, Tullich, and Glengairn Old Parish Records.
[14] RC Regs Go
    Roman Catholic Register for Braemar and Glengairn.
[15] "The Highlanders of Scotland" by Kenneth MacLeay Go
    Kenneth MacLeay was commissioned by Queen Victoria to produce this book (published in 1870), which features portraits, among others, of some McHardy and Bowman family members representing various clan colours. Prints and original photographs are available from the Windsor Castle Archives if you cannot track down a copy of the book.
[16] 1861 Census Strathdon Go
[17] 1851 Census Glenmuick, Tullich & Glengairn Go
[18] OPR 273 Go
    Auchterhouse Old Parish Records
[19] BMDs from the GRO, Edinburgh Go
    Births, Marriages, and Deaths listed in the Statutory Registers of the General Register Office for Scotland. Available through the ScotlandsPeople web site.
[20] Testament Dative Go
    Testament Dative of Alexander McHardie in Craigdorick. (Alexander McHardy or Ballochbuie, husband to Isabelle Stewart, father of Alister of Auchallater.)
[21] Sandra Gurney Go
    Personal research of Sandra McCarthy-Gurney (alias McHardy). She maintains a family history web site as well as one for her McHardy Family Tree Project in which she aims to collect and make available information on McHardys and their origins from all over the world.
[22] Bovaglie Manuscript Go
    Another family tree from the 19th century, this one passed on by Peter Gordon of the Gordons of Girnoc web site. Detailing the family history of the Gordons of Bovaglie, it corroborates information in the 1866 McHardy family tree.
[23] Peter Gordon Go
    Personal research of Peter Gordon, author of the Gordons of Girnoc web site.
[24] Windsor Castle Archives Go
    Queen Victoria had requested a family history from one of the daughters of Margaret McHardy and John Bowman, a copy of which is retained by the Windsor Castle Archives along with other material on both Bowman and McHardy family members.
[25] Leslie Ann Hendra
    Personal research of Leslie Ann Hendra, a family historian with Bowman connections. It was Leslie Ann who kindly passed on the information on the Windsor Castle Archives.
[26] 1851 Census Strathdon Go
    Transcriptions of the 1851 census are to be found on Suzanne Walker's StrathdonVital Records web site.
[27] Elizabeth Graham
    Personal research of Elizabeth Graham, descendant of Charles McHardy and Janet Bowman. From family history and a family Bible, she filled in information on the branch for John McHardy and Helen Sinclair.
[28] 1841 Census Glenmuick, Tullich, and Glengairn Go
[29] Immediate family
    Information comes from members of the immediate family.
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