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Site Guide

A Quick Guide to What's Here and Where to Find It

  Internet version of a book's front cover. Discover what's new and what's been updated.
  An introduction to the Ordachoy McHardy/MacHardy genealogy web site and to everyone who has made a contribution.
Site Guide
  A quick guide to what's here and where to find it.
Ordachoy Map
  Where in the World is Ordachoy?, A Brief Geography Lesson, The British Isles, Aberdeenshire, Corgarff and Ordachoy, Photos
  ...and Auchallater?, Braemar and Auchallater, Photos
Charted Family Tree
  A charted view of the family tree.
  Sources are organized into three categories:
    1) List of Chart Sources
      Detailed description of sources footnoted beneath each chart.
    2) Complete Transcripts of Original Source Documents

a) OPRs, RC Regs, Census Records
b) Wills and Testament Datives
Testament Dative of Alexander McHardie of Craigdorick
Testament Dative of Robert McHardie or McLeod
Extract Inventory of Personal Estate of Charles McHardy

    3) Resources
      Useful contact information for the Windsor Castle Archives and a list of what they have on the McHardy and Bowman family members
Photo Gallery
  There are currently three pages of photograph collections.
    Photo Collection of Ordachoy and Auchallater (courtesy of Rob McHardy)
    Photo Collection of Charles McHardy and Janet Bowman (courtesy of Alistair Duncan)
    Photo Collection of John McHardy and Violet Watt (courtesy of family of
           James McHardy and courtesy of Ruby Cruickshank)
“McHardy Boys,” by John Duff
  An article originally published in The Scots Magazine, reprinted here with the author's kind permission. Although the major part of the article follows a branch of the Auchallater McHardys all the way to New Zealand, the Auchallater folk are related to the Ordachoyers through Ann who married James of Ordachoy. The article also does a wonderful job of describing a certain McHardy spirit.
  About the Author
    A short profile of the author of “The McHardy Boys.”
  This section of the web site is dedicated to posting status updates on current Ordachoy genealogy research and articles on histories of individual branches.
Contact Us
  Send us an email. We're always glad to hear any questions, suggestions, or comments you may have.
  List of links to other genealogy-related web sites.
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