Car Culture

The automobile has permeated every aspect of our lives. Need proof? Check these out.

Car Tag Manifesto

Something I wrote about a year ago--if you don't know what car tag is, take a couple of moments and read this.

Hot-hatch culture

Ever seen a lowered, tinted-glassed, big-exhausted econobox and wondered what was going on in its owner's head? Me too--check out my article.

Memories of China

Take 3 parts smog and add 1 part of automotive wackiness; what you have left is China's burgeoning and crazy automotive market.

Canadian Auction Group

Moving almost two billion dollars worth of cars a year all comes down to psychology.

Book Reviews

What better way to pay for my book-ingestion habit than to write reviews of books about cars? Here are some recent ones:

How to build a car

Four books show you how not to do it. They make great gifts, if you can find them.

Road trip USA

By interstate or back road, there's a book to help you out&emdash;or scare you If you're into travelling, a couple of books that I recently read and reviewed may be just up their alley.

Better than a showroom

Lehbrink and Schlegelmilch take you on a guided tour of Ferrari history.

The Essential Guide to Buying and Selling a Car in Canada

Pape and Wise know a lot about how to wheel and deal, being former car salesmen, but it's clear that they neither love nor know a lot about the vehicles themselves.

Academic essays

Since I'm a student, I still have to write the occasional dry academic paper. But I try to inject some humor--and cars--into them as often as I can. You'll need an Adobe Acrobat reader to open these files. A fast Internet connection wouldn't hurt, either.

Thunder Road: Rock & Roll, Suburbia and the Automobile

Tracks the sometimes-convergent courses of popular music, suburban youth, and car culture from the fifties to the seventies.

Painful symbiosis: the auto industry's complex reciprocal relationship with the mass media

How impartial is the automotive media? How can I be impartial if I get free trips and free cars? Find out in this essay.

Various and sundry

If you want to know more about me or how this page was put together, check out the colophon. (You can also email me from there.)


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