I wasn't much of a racing fan until I found out how fun spectating--and even driving--can be.

Sensory overload

Want to go drag racing? Bring sunscreen, earplugs, a neck brace, and maybe even some kleenex.

CASCAR's date with destiny

I was ready to write off the phrase "It's time for CASCAR" as so much PR mumbo jumbo, but after hearing speaker after speaker, after talking to drivers, after seeing the cars and taking the pictures, I came away convinced that for once, the PR people might be right&emdash;that CASCAR's time has finally come.

Better than Shakespeare

If you want high drama, forget the theatre&emdash;racing's the place to be--especially the very weird Castrol/McKerlie-Millen Classic 200.

Parking lot racers

Fast fun, safer than your morning commute, autocrossing is good for you&emdash;and your car. (The most fun you can have at 40 km/h--no kidding).

Lost in space&emdash;and loving it

While navigational rallies aren't exactly races, they're a great way to have some fun in your car and see your province in a whole different light (mainly, that of high-beams.)

Driving a CASCAR stocker

Suddenly, I have a lot more respect for stock-car drivers. This is very hard work, even in a detuned car with an automatic transmission.


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