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20 March 1998


Ransacking the Library


This story originates from the High School I was in -- SXI. SXI was formed by the Catholic Brothers and many Brothers had lived their whole live in the school. It is believed that some of the died brothers are now haunting certain part of the school.

This story happened fairly recent to a lady student of the school, who has since left the school. Let's call her Maggie and the story goes like this:

Maggie was a member of the Board of Librarians. As such, it is not unusual for her to stay back at the library until late hours of the afternoon during days when she was on duty. One afternoon, she was on duty as usual, doing her job with other fellow librarians, in the Board Room.

At about 4:30pm, she left the party to go and ease herself. At that time, there weren't many students in the library and the school was very quiet then (schools in Malaysia dismiss at about 1:30pm everyday).

The restrooms are at the other end of the corridor. As Maggie walked back to the library after finishing with what she had to do at the loo, she heard some music at the end of the corridor, near the entrance to the library. She thought it must be the school choir having a practise in one of the nearby classrooms but as far as she knew, her friends from the Choir were all home by school dismissal.

As she got nearer to the library, she realised the singing was actually from the room next to the library. The room is actually the only access to the roof-top on that block. It was locked since many, many years ago when one of the Brothers fell on the staircase while walking up to the attic and killed himself. No one has ever been inside ever since then, at least not until 1996 when the school renovated and converted it to the Astronomy Room. So, how could the Choir be from that room?

Maggie recalled her friends telling her tales of such singings in the school area. Many claimed that it was the Brothers who passed away in the school that were the culprits. So, she quickly walked into the library hoping that the ghosts or whatever it may be would not do any harm onto her.

However, once she stepped through the library doors, she saw the books in the library started to fall off from the shelves one by one. Soon, thousands of books fell to the ground. The sight was simply horrifying. She could see no one in the library when there should be at least one librarian on the book loan counter.

Terrified, she ran out of the library and went straight towards the school office. She met the clerk in the office who was surprised to see her in such state of shock. He calmed her down and later asked her what happened. Maggie told him all about what she just heard and saw. The clerk, being in the school for more than 20 over years, knew all such stories and hence decided to go and check it out. Maggie decided to follow him as she doesn't want to be left alone in the office either.

They went up there only to find all the books were properly arranged on the shelves and several students studying inside the library peacefully. The clerk walked her into the board room where Maggie's colleagues were still there doing they work. She told them the story and many believed her. Eventually, the news got to the advisor of the Board of Librarians and she later decided to have the library opening hours shorten by an hour.... as if that would make any difference!

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