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Visitors to Owl's Ghost Stories have contributed a lot of ghost stories of either their own experiences or their close friends'. More often than not, I don't know where to put these stories and hence I have set up this section. Perhaps some may not find these stories as scary, they are, nonetheless, a spooky memoir to those who experienced it themselves.

Note: You are recommended to start from the first story and follow the first link at the end of each story

Ghostly Memoirs 8 
Someone on The Roof
Banging at Midnight
Singing in Dark

Ghostly Memoirs 7 
Haunted House in St Loius

Ghostly Memoirs 6 
Memoirs of A Mother

Ghostly Memoirs 5 
Playful Ghost

Ghostly Memoirs 4 
The Ghost of Pulau Ubin
Night of the Living Dead
Unwanted Company

Ghostly Memoirs 3
Boy in a Bangkok's School

Ghostly Memoirs 2
Young and Wild
Marching Troop
Bloody Encounter

Ghostly Memoirs 1
Mysteries in a House
A Hungry Ghost

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