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Since Owl's Ghost Stories was set up in 8 September 1997, I have received numerous feedback from visitors out of Asia. Some even contributed their share of ghost stories. Even though this web site was initially set up with Asian ghost stories in mind, we can't possibly deny the fact that good ghost stories do not come from Asia alone. Hence, I have set up this section called Still Scary Elsewhere where visitors can find a collection of scary ghost stories from various other parts of the world.

Note: You are recommended to start from the first story and follow the first link at the end of each story

An intimate encounter with a ghostly cat.

Correcting His Tombstone
He simly needed to correct the errors on the tombstone.

Highway of the Dead
A bizzarre story on the road.

The Seven O'clock Ghost
Everything happens at seven o'clock in this haunted house.

The Girl on the Road
Who is this girl on the road late at night?

Aysun Tuluk
An Australian folklore of the Aysun Tuluk witch.

Lonely Souls
Everyone needs a friend so that we are not lonely.

Ghost or Angel?
Maybe not all ghosts have evil intentions....

Friendly but Demanding
Amanda just wants to show everyone who is the boss.

Michael of My Life
An inspirational story about Michael Adams and the author.

Thump, Thump, Drag
There were all sorts of noises but we were warned!

Tanner's Spirit
After all these years, Tanner can finally rest in peace.

Ghostly Rascal
The ghost of Route 44 that will have fun at your expense.

Nightmare Flight
Who actually save her life?

Peace of Mind
She just have to check on her son before she could have peace of mind and rest in peace.

Spokie Van Zyl
A spooky experience from Brakpan, South Afrika.

Vanishing Road
The road thickens and several old automotive past by. Where could we be?

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