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These are some of my personal favourites:

The Shadowlands

A one-stop site for all "ghost-lovers". It has loads of stories, research reports and other activities. A discussion forum is also featured so visitors may exchange info, ask questions and get advice.

The Museum of Talking Boards

A comprehensive site on everything you need and want to know about Ouija Boards. A must-see web site for all believer!

Obiwan's UFO-Free Paranormal Page

This is a UFO-Free Paranormal Page. Here you will find the ghost-stories newsgroup FAQ as well as many stories collected from the newsgroup. This web page is mainly about ghosts, but there are some links to other paranormal sites on the links pages. No UFOs, though!

O'Neill's Ghostories

This site has some good stories and great web design. One of the best around the WWW.

Haunted House of Gremlin's Grove

A "haunted house" with lots of fantastic graphic and good content. Worth a visit.

Ghost of the Prairie

The homepage for the American Ghost Society. Worth checking out.

Ghost (The First Church of Harpsirelic)

An interesting site about the paranormal. The webmaster goes into details the difference between ghosts, demons, poltergeists, and other entitys.

The Ghost Web

Official web site for the International Ghost Hunters Society. Lots of ghost tales from IGHS Members

Tales from the Hard Ticket Vaults...

Lots of ghost stories at this page. Also other supernatural related materials in the main page.

New Orleans Cemetery & Voodoo Pages

An award-winning web site with explanations of voodoo and some cemetery page.

How to Create Fake Photos of Ghosts

A simple yet interesting page showing you how to make fake photos of ghosts as well as some links to other supernatural web sites.

Virtual Design Group's Voodoo Doll

Available only to Java enabled browsers. Make a voodoo doll here and send it to someone you....?

The Death Clock

Although this is not any supernatural site, it is one deals with the subject call 'death'. You can even find out when you are supposed to die. Read the part where the webmaster response to those silly questions about the site.

Usenet - alt.folklore.ghost-stories

News discussion group devoted to stuff of the supernatural.

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