Owl's Ghost Stories
Owl's Ghost Stories
Horrifying Asia

10 June 1998


Fisherman's Nightmare

Ah Fook was an offshore fisherman in Penang. He had been a fisherman all his life. Naturally, he heard his fair share of ghost stories involving fishermen. He, however, had never experience any paranormal experience until one fateful day.

It was any usual day of his life. Nothing unusual or any untoward sign had indicated to Ah Fook that anything would go wrong. He went on with his usual routine before took off with his fishing gear and a few bottle of beer.

He was looking for a good spot to start when he noticed there was another fisherman nearby. He thought it would be a good idea to fish near that man, perhaps for some company. He anchored off his boat at a comfortable distance away from the other boat. Ah Fook did not attempt to talk to him because he was rather far away and the man wasn't even facing him. Furthermore, it just seemed silly to shout at the middle of the open sea.

After a few hours on the boat and a couple of bottles of beer, Ah Fook decided it's time to packed up and head back for the shore. Besides, it's about time to get those seafood to the market.

As Ah Fook was preparing to leave, he noticed the other man was also doing the same thing. He found it rather odd that the man did exactly as what he was doing. When he brought in the line, the other man also did so and when Ah Fook was packing his fishing gear, he also did the same thing.

After he was done, Ah Fook thought he would take his passed the other man and greet him as a friendly gesture. As he got nearer to the man, Ah Fook noticed he was somehow waiting for him. He got nearer and nearer until he was closed enough to talk to the man. Just before Ah Fook could open his mouth to greet the man, the man looked up towards him. To his greatest shock, the man didn't have a face. Just a skull without any facial features. No eyes, no nose and no mouth!

Something very strange happened at the very next moment. The man, together with his boat, suddenly converged into the air and formed a very bright white ball. Then the whole thing just disappeared into the air.

Ah Fook was stunned at the sight and he could not think of anything except to get away as soon as he could. He rushed off to the shore and he left in a hassle. Apparently, he was so shocked that he turned all pale as he got home. His wife saw his sick condition and asked him what had happened. He refused to tell her and that night, he got so sick he had to be sent to the hospital.

He could not get over the incident and consequently his condition worsened as the days passed by. He told a few of his colleagues what had happened as he was dying on his bed. They went to some medium for help but perhaps it was not the ghost that was killing Ah Fook. So, the medium could not help in any way. Ah Fook's mind was just too preoccupied with the fear he had and that was probably what that killed him. A few weeks later, Ah Fook just passed away..... peacefully, perhaps not.

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