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10 June 1998


Vale of Tempe

In Penang, Malaysia, there is a famous, also infamous, road called the Vale of Tempe. The road was built many years ago to provide access to a reservoir. The 1.7km road cuts across a hill joining two suburbs. The reservoir entrance is situated somewhere at the middle of the narrow and winding road.

Many mystery accidents happened along that road. More often than not, the victims fell down the cliff with or without they vehicle. Several fatal accidents had also been reported but most of the time, the victims escaped with slight injuries.

Many Penangites, including myself, are afraid of using that road at night. It is supposed to be haunted and many seem to advise against using that road at night. There are many stories behind this infamous road.

A recent search for such stories ended up with me getting several variations. One of the stories says that an innocent girl was once killed by a policeman along that road. None of my sources remember exactly what's the story behind the girl's death. It may have happened as an accident but the girl seemed to have blamed it on the policeman. To make things worse, she has since blamed her death on every policeman! Therefore it is claimed that most policemen dare not take that road at night, as very few policemen would come out of the road safely. Apparently, the ghost would cause an accident to befall on any policeman using that road. I could not verify this and I am not sure if the ghost would do the same on a policewoman.

Another story explains the reasons behind all of those mystery accidents where cars are found to have swayed off the road and ended up down the cliff. According to the locals, there was a fatal accident along that road long time ago. A young lady died instantly in that accident. Since then, the girl was reported to be haunting the road.

She would often appear out of no where in front of any unlucky driver late at night. As the road is very winding and narrow with the cliff on one side, many victims have swayed off the road and went down the cliff as they were trying to avoid her. She appears to be like a real person and very few can provide details of her. What most people can offer is just that she has long hair and always wear a white gown.

The scariest version is somehow related to the story above. It happened only several years ago to two men. Let's call them Adrian and Leo.

It was about 1am when they got to the road. There were no other vehicles along the road at that time. Adrian was driving with Leo sitting beside him on the passenger's side. According to my friend, they were on their way back from a Church meeting.

Adrian was driving at a comfortable speed while taking the sharp curves along the winding road. Both of them had been quite tired by then. As they approach the entrance to the reservoir, they saw a lady in white standing on the middle of the road. Her back was facing them and they could only see her long hair.

Adrian slowed down upon seeing her. He told Leo to look up and was slightly relief when Leo also saw that lady. Adrian, refusing to believe it was a ghost, felt strange that there would be a lady walking along that dark, secluded road at such hours. Even in broad daylight, there would be hardly anybody walking along that road as it was too narrow and dangerous for pedestrian. Furthermore, what would someone do in the middle of the hilly area?

Adrian turned and looked at Leo, who was obviously frightened by now. As they got nearer, the lady slowly turned around and then faced towards them. To their horror, they saw her face rotten with blood dripping down from it. Both of them were speechless for a moment. Adrian was convinced now that the lady could not possibly be human. He stepped on the accelerator hoping to run through her and get away as fast as possible.

Both of them did not know what happened when they ran through the ghost. However, after a while, Leo turned around to check and see if the ghost is still there. To his greatest horror, he saw the lady ghost's head inside the car. Separated from its body, the head got stuck between the rear window and the back seat, where the speakers and third brake lights usually are. Leo was so scared he did not know what to do or what to say. Adrian looked at the rear-view mirror and found the lady, now headless, chasing after them. Apparently, she was trying to get her head back!

Adrian tried to drive away as fast as he could. The winding and narrow road made it even more difficult for Adrian but he just had to do whatever he could to get away. Both of them kept saying prayers hoping the worse would be over soon. Once they drove out of the winding road, Adrian took another peep at the rear-view mirror and he found the ghost was no longer behind them. He told Leo to turn to the back and take another look just to make sure. Leo, in a tone of great relief, told Adrian the head had also disappeared from the car.

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