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Owl's Ghost Stories
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16 July 1998


Night Trail

Story written by Ha of South Korea
Edited by Will Ong

In Korea there is a small Christian farming community in the deeply wooded areas. There, my friends who are "tough guys" -- one was a drug dealer and others were gang members from LA -- had their terrifying experience.

While I was in service at around 11:00pm, they were on a path that was heavily wooded and dark. This path had a history of being haunted. When the church community first moved in they had several occurrences which prompted the pastor -- a world famous pastor -- to perform an "exorcist" on the mountain. Since then there were no more incidents, at least not until my friends had their experience. Maybe it was a lack of faith in God.

They were sitting about 100 yards into the path. They were just talking and loafing there when they heard rustlings in the bushes. They stopped at whatever they were doing and were wondering what that was. They were at first worried it might be one of the leaders that had caught them. So they called out to see who it was and they got no reply. They figured it was some kind of animal. They continued talking when all of a sudden they heard an evil wicked laughter. The sound started from behind them but slowly became louder and louder that it sounded as if it was all over them now. When they heard this they were scared and started running. They were all in such close proximity to one another that they started tripping over each other. But they got up and just continued running. One of them looked back and blurted, "WHO THE HELL IS THAT?" But he just turned back and ran as fast as he could.

When I saw them, they were gasping for air and looked terrified. I asked them what had happened and they told me the above. So I asked the guy whom he had seen and he said he saw a man in really old traditional Korean clothes (this is all white clothes with a black hat) chasing after them. Although it was so dark, the man's face seemed to glow by itself and he could see the wicked smile the man had on his face.

So the next day we went up to the trail in broad daylight and we found out some things we did not know before. There was a 400 year-old graveyard less than 5 feet off the trail. One guy that lived there was sceptical about their story and said it was probably some locals playing tricks on them. He said that the trail leads on another 200 yards or so to another part of the community. However, later we got to the part of the trail where the people from the village would have to walk through to get to where the guys were the previous day.

We found something very peculiar there. Not only must the pranksters, if they were after all playing tricks on my friends, had to walk through the trail in pitch black darkness to get there and not make any noise, there were also spider webs all over the place. This by itself is not the eerie part. The strange thing was if someone did walk through that trail less than 12 hours ago there should not be any spider webs, unless they could see the spider webs in the total darkness and avoided all of them. Nonetheless, this is very unlikely. Hence, no one came from behind and no one could have come from the front because they would have seen him when they escaped. The guys could not bear to think what might happened to them if they had not run faster than they did on the night before.

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