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Owl's Ghost Stories
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18 December 1998


The Orang Minyak

Story written by Blue Oyster
Edited by Will Ong

There are several version of the orang minyak (literally means 'oily man'). During the 1960s, the orang minyak existed around several towns of Malaysia raping young women. They covered their nude body with oil so that it would be difficult for anyone to catch them. Although the orang minyak of the 1960s were definitely human, there were countless stories of the orang minyak that was related to the supernatural as well as black magic. Below is an account of such story contributed by Blue Oyster.

The orang minyak is actually a normal person but he has to rape virgin women to accomplish certain powers of the black arts. He would be nude and covered himself with oil. Anyway, this particular orang minyak I am going to tell you about is the one terrorising a higher education institute in Shah Alam. The story goes like this.......

One night, Minah was studying for her exams with her roommates. As the night fell deeper, Minah decided to turn in for the night and go to bed. She almost fell asleep when she suddenly felt someone on top of her. She opened her eyes and she saw this huge nude man forcing himself on her. He had a very dark complexion and he had strong, deep eyes. Minah tried to scream but no voice came out. She tried to push him off, but she didn't have the strength for he was a big man. He was all over her and she was just helpless. She felt weak and hypnotised. Subsequently, she was raped.

Minah knew her roommates were still in the room but why didn't they come and help? It angered her that her roommates would just sit there while she was being raped by this stranger. After everything was over, Minah finally found strength to cry out loud. Her roommates rush to her bedside and asked her if she was all right. Minah cursed them for not coming to her aid. They were puzzled by her sudden outcry. They calm her down and then asked her what went wrong. Minah was pale and still in a state of shock. Minah then asked them why they did not come to her aid when that man was raping her. All of them went stark white. They never thought that it was the orang minyak's doing. In fact, none of them see the orang minyak. Perhaps the orang minyak has magic powers so that no one will be able to see him or perhaps he is not human after all.

To Minah, it was an experience that will haunt her for the rest of her life. The authorities were not able to capture this orang minyak who terrorised the Institute. The institute's management decided to bring in a bomoh (Malay medium) to 'chase' this orang minyak away.

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