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Welcome to Owl's Ghost Stories

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Introduction to Owl's Ghost Stories
What's on this site:

Welcome to Owl's Ghost Stories! I am a fan of true ghost stories and I have been collecting ghosts stories from friends whenever I have the opportunity. Among the scarier ones, I have written them down and put up on this site.

To those people who are sceptical about ghost, you may find the stories here hard to believe. Nevertheless, unless proven untrue, I will give them the benefit of doubt and assume they are true stories. Besides, ghost stories are basically meant only for entertainment as well as to give ourselves a good scare, aren't they?

Some of the stories are contributed by visitors to this site and the rest are of my own. Credits are given to contributors while every care has been taken to make sure the stories I wrote are exactly as they were told to me. However, due to the shortcomings of our human memory, certain errors may occur. If you have heard of the stories before, do let me know if I have got them correctly.

Lastly, I hope you will enjoy the ghost stories here. Do come back for more true ghost stories in future! Have a great day!

~ Will Ong
General Stuff About Ghost, from the Asian point of view

General Stuff About Ghost

Read all about the things about ghost and the different opinions about them, from the Asian point of view.

Horrifying stories from Asia

Horrifying Asia

While you may find it difficult to search for Asian ghost stories in the Internet, Horrifying Asia is in fact the main section of Owl's Ghost Stories. Here, you can read bizarre ghost stories from various parts of Asia.

Ghost stories from a school in Malaysia

School: VI

The stories here originate from a school (V.I.) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It is one of the oldest schools in the Malaysian capital as well as the country. The stories were told to me by one of VI's ex-students. Most of the stories here happened in the hostel. It is to be reminded, however, that some of these stories may have happened in the school itself. When this story was told to me, it was not mention clearly the exact location and I have no whatsoever means to contact the original storyteller. Neither have I any way of contacting the persons involved in these stories. Nevertheless, these stories are one of the scariest collection of ghost stories I have.

Ghosts stories from other parts of the world

Still Scary Elsewhere

While most of the stories in this site originate from Asia, I have also heard a lot about scary ghost stories from other parts of the world. Most, if not all, of the story in Still Scary Elsewhere are contributions from visitors to this site.

Short ghost stories but still eerie

Short But Eerie

Some ghost stories are rather short but definitely not insignificant. Short But Eerie is created for the collection of such short ghost stories and for those who perhaps like to rush through things... even when it comes to experiences with ghosts.

Ghostly memoirs of visitors

Ghostly Memoirs

Many visitors to Owl's Ghost Stories contributed stories of their own experiences with the supernatural. Perhaps some may not find these stories as scary as the stories in other sections, they are, nonetheless, a spooky memoir to those who experienced them.

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Guest Book

If you leave footprints when you walk, fingerprints when you touch, why not you leave words on the sites you surf? Since Owl's Ghost Stories is online on 8 September 1997, visitors who enjoy the ghost stories here have come up with some encouraging comments as well as criticisms and suggestions for this site. Check out the Guest Book section and sign it! Thanks!

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When you have a good true ghost story, it would be wise, like an owl, to share it with others. Send in your true stories now!

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