5-8 February 2001


   Kailangan Ko'y Ikaw
   Biyaheng Langit
   Laro sa Baga
   Gusto Ko Nang Lumigaya

   Jerry Lopez Sineneng
   Joel Lamangan
   Joyce Bernal
   Rory Quintos
   Tikoy Aguiluz
   Chito Rońo
   Maryo J. de los Reyes
   Jeffrey Jeturian

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Joyce Bernal has been an established film editor before joining the ranks of the country’s female directors. While she was unable to complete her film course at the University of the Philippines, she was employed as a production assistant under Gil Portes and substantially apprenticed under Ike Jarlego. Her first work as solo editor in 1995 was for Sabado Nights followed by The Flor Contemplacion Story both under Viva Films. Since then she has edited for other major production outfits with films notably topbilled by big action stars like Bong Revilla and Phillip Salvador. It was producer Vic del Rosario who first realized that she had the makings of a fine director. All the films she has megged thus far—I’m Sorry My Love (1998); Dahil May Isang Ikaw (1999); Hey, Babe (1999); Kailangan Ko’y Ikaw (2000) and Booba (2001)—proved that the Viva bigwig’s hunch was right. They are all huge hits at the box office and exhibit uniformly a breezy storytelling style, a canny editor’s hand and appropriate sense of tempo that she all puts to maximum and effective use.

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