5-8 February 2001


   Kailangan Ko'y Ikaw
   Biyaheng Langit
   Laro sa Baga
   Gusto Ko Nang Lumigaya

   Jerry Lopez Sineneng
   Joel Lamangan
   Joyce Bernal
   Rory Quintos
   Tikoy Aguiluz
   Chito Roño
   Maryo J. de los Reyes
   Jeffrey Jeturian

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by Jerry Lopez Sineneng

A professional wedding planner meets a struggling real estate agent 12 years her junior. She takes pity on the handsome young man and helps him in drawing potential clients. The latter becomes attracted to the former and decides to court her. Apprehensive of certain social norms, she goes through a hard time heeding his entreaties and trying to follow her heart. Eventually, she gives in to her feelings. He moves in to her place. They hope for their relationship to last until the career woman’s pretty, trusted young assistant comes along to alter the course of an affair that is starting to manifest almost too quickly some sort of restlessness.

Nomination for Best Picture and Best Director (Filipino Academy of Movie Arts and Sciences, 2000); Winner of Best Screenplay Award (Filipino Academy of Movie Arts and Sciences, 2000); Gawad Sineng Sine for Best Actress for Maricel Soriano (Pampelikulang Samahan ng mga Dalubguro, 2000)

Direction: Jerry Lopez Sineneng. Screenplay: Jerry Lopez Sineneng and Jun Lana. Cinematography: Joe S. Batac. Editing: Marya Ignacio. Sound: Ramon Reyes. Production Design: Gil A. Morales. Music: Jessie Lasaten. Cast: Maricel Soriano, Diether Ocampo, Claudine Barretto, Raymond Bagatsing, Rita Avila, Maila Gumila, Edu Manzano, Alicia Alonzo, Nida Blanca.

1999 119 minutes color 35mm Star Cinema Productions

© Film Center of the University of the Philippines