5-8 February 2001


   Kailangan Ko'y Ikaw
   Biyaheng Langit
   Laro sa Baga
   Gusto Ko Nang Lumigaya

   Jerry Lopez Sineneng
   Joel Lamangan
   Joyce Bernal
   Rory Quintos
   Tikoy Aguiluz
   Chito Roņo
   Maryo J. de los Reyes
   Jeffrey Jeturian

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Laro sa Baga
by Chito S. Roņo

A precocious boy grows up a love-struck teener, a promiscuous young man afterwards, then a bohemian-artist, lover and seducer before ending up as a doomed philanderer in a chronicle of one man’s amorous relationships with various women. His life spiced with an adventurous sense of sexuality is traced from age seven to 27. He is initiated to sexual pleasure as he forms a childhood infatuation for his loving and caring godmother. He comes to experience the wonders of first love with his godmother’s adopted daughter only to suffer pain when the romance is nipped in the bud. His cherished hopes and dreams are shattered when he winds up in a shotgun wedding with a naīve country girl he seduces with his big city boy charms. The marriage proves to be hell. Distraught and desperate, the quintessential Filipino macho is left with no option but to hit the road to perdition.

Direction: Chito Roņo. Screenplay: Edgardo M. Reyes. Cinematography: Neil Daza. Editing: Manet A. Dayrit. Sound: Albert Michael M. Idioma. Production Design: Mike Guison. Music: Jessie Lasaten. Cast: Carlos Morales, Ara Mina, Angel Aquino, Monique Wilson, Marita Zobel, Maila Gumila, Cherry Pie Picache, Mark Gil, Malu Barry, Jaime Fabregas, Dick Israel, Yves Capulong, Bea Nicolas.

2000 125 minutes color 35mm Regal Entertainment

© Film Center of the University of the Philippines