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The Proto-Religion is a hypothetically reconstructed religion based on the comparison of attested mythologies and ancient beliefs.

The Proto-Religion was the belief system of human beings at a time (100K BPE) before humanity dispersed from some central point over the earth (presumably Eastern Africa); and ethnic and cultural/linguistic diversification began.

The underlying premise of these essays is that the core beliefs of ancient human religion derive from a single source: the Proto-Religion. This is not to say that "reformers" have not molded ancient motifs in new ways; or that some individuals appear to have actually introduced actually new ideas into religions of their own formulation.

Several files, which constitute short essays relating specific religious conceptions of the Proto-Religion and the interpretation of later religious traditions, are available for viewing or download as regular .HTM(L) files.

This is a controversial theory that is not accepted by most experts --- at least, at the present time.

The major objection is: that a "proto-religion" cannot be reconstructed because earliest man was not sophisticated enough to have formulated one.

The proof is in the Studies presented below. If these studies are able to show similarities among among religions now considered unrelated, theoretical objections must retreat before plainly demonstrated facts.

The reader will be the judge of whether the Comparison Studies have, indeed, accomplished those objectives.

Any feedback, positive or negative, will be welcomed.

For interested readers, an excellent and inexpensive supplementary source of valuable information, which I consider to be substantially in alignment with my own thinking, is:

Krupp, Edwin C. 1997. Skywatchers, Shamans & Kings.
Astronomy and the Archaeology of Power; Wiley Popular Science. New York, Chichester, Brisbane, Toronto, Singapore, Weinheim: John Wiley & Sons, which can be purchased (for $19.57 + shipping) from by simply pressing on the icon to the left.

I am hoping that others will want to collaborate in this effort with essays on the (proto-)religion based on their individual fields of study.

Patrick C. Ryan

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Please let me know if these essays on the Proto-Religion

and the derived religious beliefs are of interest:

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