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Bllinking Star
Wishing All a Peaceful, Happy and Safe Holiday Season

Jim Caviezel,

“Peace Begins With You.
You Can Take That Literally”.
Jim Caviezel

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Welcome to ReelCaviezel.

We focus on the work of Mr Jim Caviezel (James Caviezel) as a storyteller in film and in other media. Please explore our site to learn more.

What’s New?
Updated November 22, 2006

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Film Updates—2006

  • “Déjà Vu”   Last Update, December 6
    many recent updates in several sections
  • “Outlander”   Last Update, November 21
  • “Unknown”   Last Update, December 1
    released to theatres
    and available on IFC cable, video-on-demand


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Mr Caviezel being interviewed
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