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Last Updated on April 23th, 2003
Valley Corps  Reenactment Group
The military component of this group portrays
Company F,  2nd Virginia Volunteer Infantry
Daniel Sheetz, 1st Sergeant Company K
2nd Virginia Volunteer Infantry Regiment.
Kris Kransel, 1st Sergeant Company F Recreated 2nd Virginia Volunteer Infantry Regiment.
We are a proud member of the INDEPENDENT GUARD  Battalion
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What is this Group All About
       Welcome to the Valley Corps Web Site.  WE are proud to say you have found the Web Page of one of the best Civil War reenactment groups in the Midwest.  We are a Confederate Civil War Reenactment group that is located mainly in Southeastern Wisconsin and Northeastern Illinios but has numerous members from all over the Midwest.  We are a non-profit group and donate most of our funds raised in our activities to various Civil War charities.  Our goal is to educate and entertain the public by portraying Company F, 2nd Virginia Volunteer Infantry of the Stonewall Brigade, II Corps, Army of Northern Virginia, during the American Civil War as authentically as is possible in the 21st Century.
         Our group does a remarkable job of showing the different aspects of Civil War Reenacting.  We have a large contingent of both Male and Female civilians who set up Civilian Camps at each event.  We also have Military personal who go "campaing style" at the events with only a blanket and groundcloth as their cover at night..  We try to accomadate all aspects of authentic reenacting.

         The intent of this Web Page is actually threefold:  First, is to provide a terminal of information to and for the members of the Valley Corps. Secondly, this Web Page is a tool that the Valley Corps can use to keep in touch with other Reenactment groups in the Midwest and across the country.  Finally, it is to be used by members of the public who are interested in the American Civil War and want to know more about the war and/or Civil War Reenacting.
Table of Content
Valley Corps News and Newsletter Information
UPDATED 2/25/00
Historical Photos of 2nd Virginia Soldiers and Winchesters Civilians.
UPDATED 7/1/02
Events for 2003
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Valley Corps Photo Gallery
1998 to 2000            2001 to the Present
UPDATED 9/20/02
A Short History of the Second Virginia
UPDATED 7/1/02
Historical Roster of Company F,Second Virginia
Military Authenticity Guidelines and Vendor List
First Person Impressions in our group

First Person Research and Links
UPDATED 4/23/03
Current e-mail addresses of Valley Corps Members
Links to other great Reenactment Sites
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WILL BE COMPLETED SOON Links to other American Civil War Sites
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