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Kurapika's Gender:

Now, now, we’ve come to this huge question that fans had been asking ever since Kurapika’s first appearance. Kurapika… is… a… MALE!

Well, there aren’t many questions about it. through picture and conversations between the characters, we can easily identify that.

Here’s a part from the manga, then you don’t need me to explain more! The manga is from Toriyama’s World, you can download Hunter X Hunter manga there, ^^

Anyways, I’ll make the conversation more clear for you. Kuroro was in the car with Kurapika, Leorio and Senritsu, and Kuroro was looking at Kurapika for a long time, in a weird way. (don’t get me wrong, that spider guy hates Kurapika, he’s always provoking Kurapika and makes him really mad, and I mean really pissed.) and Kurapika was like, “what are you looking at?” then there goes the manga part.
Kuroro: Nothing, I just hadn't thought that the one we were searching for was a woman.
Kurapika: I don't remember telling you I was female. Don't rely on appearances, pay more attention to what you are saying, they could be your last words.

See? Kurapika is really pissed when Kuroro called him a female, because he is a guy!

Also, by looking at the cover of volume 14, Kurapika was half naked, and he’s flat chest! Oh, it reminds me a fanfiction, where Leorio’s girlfriend called Kurapika a flat chest bitch. ^^;;
<--- Flat Chest. They won't be pervert enough to dare to put a female half-naked on a famous teen manga.
Besides, think it logically, if you are a girl at Kurapika’s age, even if you hang around with guys all day, wouldn’t you just hang around with guys your age but not with two 12 years little kids and an ugly over-aged guy!? (no offence, no offence, ^^; I do think Leorio is funny, Gon and Killua are super cute) But guys don’t care, and Kurapika is a male, and he looks after Gon and Killua like a big brother. And Leorio looks after him like another bigger brother, since he looks old…

And look at all those art works, tell me, if Kurapika is really a female, why isn’t there any pictures show him wearing dress or skirt? And no! His traditional costume isn’t a skirt! You can see more analyze on that costume in the fashion page. I didn’t really watch the anime of Hunter X Hunter, but I did hear that there’s a part where Kurapika got out of the shower and found Leorio and act a little paranoid. It’s really easy to explain that part, I mean at that part, it’s still not like that they are best friends or anything, so it’s normal to feel uncomfortable. Ever heard that when two guys are best friends, they don’t hug or kiss? But when it comes to girls, of course it’s normal… but guys are just… different. (Of course) they are not gay, so showing body parts like that will feel a little weird for Kurapika.

Yes, Kurapika’s Japanese voice actor is a woman, so what? Gon and Killua’s voice actors are also women, and they use female voice actor when the boy is gentle, a gentleman. In YuGiOh, Ryou Bakura’s Japanese voice actor is a woman too, it’s all normal in Japan. However, I do admit that Kurapika looks like a girl, but hey, you can only say that he is a pretty boy, ^_~
See? He's wearing what other guys are wearing! Woo, that's cute, ^^
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