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Bender, Carpenter, DeLong and Draper

Family Tree

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The Bender and DeLong Line:

My paternal grandmother was Marjorie Olive (Bender) Smith (Born: September 1, 1903, Brighton, Monroe Co., NY. Died: October 2, 1991).  Marjorie was a graduate of West High School, Rochester, NY, and met my grandfather, Carl Frederick Smith at a dance; they married on September 21, 1921 at her mother's private hospital, The Wilhelmina Hospital.  They worked together in Carl's furrier shop, later in life sharing his interest in antique furniture, pottery, and glassware.  Their antiques and collectibles shop was named "Swallow's Return."  Marjorie and Carl had three sons, Ronald, Bradley (my father), and Roger.  Marjorie's parents were Erving Edwin Bender (Born: September 24, 1876, Chittenango Station, NY. Died May 26, 1944, Rochester, Monroe Co., NY) and Wilhelmina Margaret (DeLong) Bender (Born: May 27, 1882, Ontario, Wayne Co., NY. Died: June 13, 1970, Rochester, NY).  Erving and Wilhelmina were married July 24, 1901 in Irondequoit, NY.  They had two children, Elsie Margaret (Born: May 4, 1902. Died: April 11, 1963) and Marjorie Olive. Wilhelmina, a Registered Nurse, owned and administered The Wilhelmina Private Maternity Hospital in Rochester, NY. Wilhelmina and Erving eventually divorced.  Erving earned his living as a salesman.  His second wife was Madeline, a nurse at the hospital.  Erving and Madeline had one daughter, Shirley.

Wilhelmina (Delong) Bender's parents were John DeLong (Born: April 21, 1848, France. Died: February 4, 1915, Rochester, NY) and Louise Feragge (Born:  Netherlands. Died: August 28, 1937, Rochester, NY).  They divorced, and Louise later married Louis DeNero.

Erving Edwin Bender's parents were George Petierse Bender (Born: June 13, 1852, Herkimer, NY. Died: January 2, 1935) and Clara Aldora Carpenter (Born: 1858, Chittenango, NY. Died: 1926).  They had six children [Daniel, Floyd, Stewart, Erving, DeVern (Born: August 15, 1886, Lenox, NY. Died: January 13, 1978, Chittenango, NY; married to Elizabeth Spiers), and Walter R. (Born: August 22, 1893.  Died: October 21, 1959, in Rochester, NY)].  George P. Bender and Clara A. Carpenter were married in 1873.

George Petierse Bender's parents were Daniel Petierse Bender (Born: March 27, 1808. Died: June 23, 1879) and Olive Draper (Born: November 18, 1809, Herkimer, Madison Co., NY. Died: September 26, 1879).  They were married March 28, 1830. (See below for more Draper genealogy).

The Carpenter and Pennock Line:

Clara Aldora Carpenter's parents were Reuben Carpenter (Born: August 21, 1821, in Hope, Montgomery County, NY. Died: June 1898, Chittenango Station, Madison County, NY) and Hannah C. Pennock, (Born: August 23, 1823, Hebron, Washington Co., NY. Died: January 22, 1901, Chittenango Station, NY), daughter of Samuel Pennock and Freelove.  Reuben (known as "The Squire") was the Justice of the Peace at Chittenango Station, NY, and served as foreman (with the rank of Captain) of the U. S. Government ship yards in Chattanooga, Tennessee during the American Civil War.  Reuben and Hannah had nine children: Joseph Clark, (Born: November 27, 1841), George W. (Born: 1844), Robert J. (Born: September 8, 1846), Mary Phildilia (Born: December 3, 1848), Harriet Francelia (Born: February 5, 1852), William Elwin (Born: April 28, 1854), Elizabeth Jane (Born: July 3, 1857), Clara Aldora (Born: March 24, 1860), and Nettie Alnora (Born: July 31, 1871).

The Draper and Brown Line:

Olive Draper's parents were Boz Brown Draper (Born: October 16, 1775, Boxboro, Massachusetts) and Alice Olive Meyers. they had 12 children (Sallie, Samuel, Jerome, Olive, Ari, Mary Ann, Benjamin, Franklin, Elizabeth, John, Betsey, and Tryphena). Boz Draper's parents were Boston Draper (Born: January 1, 1718/19. Died: December 15, 1784, Boxboro, Mass.) and Tryphena Brown (Born: 1746. Died: January 11, 1829, Boston, Mass.), daughter of Boaz Brown, Sr. (Died: September 24, 1772) and Hannah (Died: February 1788). Boston Draper's father was Captain Samuel Draper, (Born: 1670, England), a buccaneer who was fond of naming his sons after the port in which they were born, hence we have Boston, Newburyport, New York, and James (the exception) Draper. According to legend, their mother was a Spanish woman who accompanied Capt. Draper throughout his voyages. This ends what is known of this Draper line.

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