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DeHond and Scantlin

Family Tree

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The DeHond Line:

My maternal grandmother was born Mildred DeHond.  She was employed for a while at Eastman Kodak Corporation, and in 1926 she married (see Wedding Photograph) Alfred Stephany (see The Stephany Family Tree).  Her parents were Barton DeHond, Jr. (Born: April 9, 1882. Died: November 9, 1956, in Rochester, Monroe Co., NY) and Anna C. Quigley (Born: January 27, 1888, in Canandaigua, Ontario Co., NY.  Died: November 23, 1977, in Rochester, NY).  Barton and Anna had three children (Mildred, Allan F., and William Gordon DeHond).

Barton was employed as a streetcar conductor in Rochester, NY.  His parents were Bartholomew (Barton) DeHond, Sr. (Born: November 2, 1842, Netherlands. Died: November 20, 1923) and Maria Magdalena Weijkman (Born: June 25, 1853, Netherlands. Died: July 24, 1934).  They had twelve children who survived to adulthood [Cornelia (1872-1931), John (1873-1967), Edward Adrian (1875-1962), Frances Emily (1876-1963), Elizabeth ("Lizzie") (1877-1970), Magdalena ("Lena") (1879-1967), Barton (1882-1956), Mary (1883-1969), Anna (1887-1926), Jennie (1888-1973), Nellie (1890-1979), and Maude (1891-1933)].

Bartholomew and Maria, who were first cousins (their mothers were sisters), were married by H. G. Runlan, Minister of the Gospel, in Port Gibson, NY, on March 10, 1871; borrowing Walt Patrick's rig for the occasion.  They began married life on the Plank Road in the town of Palmyra, NY. Barton found employment as a farmer.  Their first five children were born on Plank Road.  The family next moved to Hydesville, NY for a year, and then to the Centenary Road which links Fairville, NY with Joy, NY.

Maria Magdalena's mother was Frances Joris.

Barton's parents were Adrian DeHond and Cornelia Joris (Born: March 10, 1821.  Died: February 3, 1892).  Cornelia was sister to Frances.  Adrian and Cornelia had three children (Adrian, Barton, and John).

Adrian DeHond's mother was Magdalena d'Hont (Born: March 9, 1789, Groede, Netherlands).

Magdalena's father was Abraham d'Hont (Born: October 1757, Groede, Netherlands Died: May 20, 1809, Groede, Netherlands), son of Jannis d'Hont and Elizabeth Bokelaar. Magdalena's mother was Pieternella Den Dekker, daughter of Pieter Den Dekker and Pieternella Goedhals. Magdalena had nine siblings (Elizabeth, Jannis, Pieternella, Josina, Abraham, Abraham, Pieter, Elisabeth, and Maria).

The Scantlin and Quigley Line:

Anna C. Quigley's parents were Mathew Quigley and Jane Scantlin (Born: May 21, 1854).  A description of Jane's birth can be found among her father's Civil War Pension Records.  They had six children (Nora, Loretta, Katherine, Margaret, Daniel W., Anna C., and John).  Jane Scantlin died at a young age, when Anna was about 8 years old, and Anna spent some of her childhood at an orphanage in Canandaigua, Ontario Co., NY.

Jane Scantlin's parents were Daniel Scantlin (Born: about 1824, Ireland. Died: July 6, 1865.) and Hannah Cadigan (Born: about 1820, Ireland. Died: May 16, 1885).  They were married June 15, 1839 in Boston, Massachusetts.  They had eight children [Michael, Catherine, John, Margaret, James, Hannah, Jane, and William D. (Born: January 1, 1857)].  Daniel was a sharecropper in the town of Hopewell, Ontario County, NY, and a veteran of the American Civil War.  He enlisted in the 98th NY Volunteers on October 10, 1861 in Canandaigua, Ontario Co., NY, and was discharged November 28, 1864.  He died of chronic bronchitis and hypertrophy of the heart less than a year from his discharge from the army, of diseases contracted during the war.  Daniel's Civil War Pension Records are available here.

Hannah Cadigan's father was Sir James Cadigan and her mother's name was Honore.

Note: Many thanks to Mildred Stephany and Christine Gregg for information regarding the DeHond Family and to Mildred Stephany and Marsha Martin for information regarding the Scantlin Family!

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