BIG NOTE januari 27, 2000

links: captain beefheart, the residents, frank zappa and others.

lots and lots of news this time: beefheart boots, 4 or 5 new residents albums, a new zappa disc, but for starters:

* Frank Nuyts' Hardscore band will be playing some concerts the next couple of months. If you're into contemporary classic with a zappa twitch, this is your thing:
2000/01/28 concert 'Bargiekaai', Gent, Belgium
2000/02/26 concert 'De Werf', Brugge, Belgium
2000/03/12 concert 'De Monty', Antwerp, Belgium

* pamela des barres: I'm with the band
(1995; cd; us; warner brothers 2-523539)
Oh no, this is not the book in which the ex-GTO presents her groupie confessions. It's the plus 70 minute spoken word cd. I sure had never heard of this one before. Anyway, Pamela talks about meeting Don Vliet and of becoming president of his fanclub, but also about Mick Jagger, Jimmy Page, Don Johnson and, of course, Frank Zappa. It's like having her over and listening to her reading from the book. Nice.

* Peter Vermeersch talked about his latest projects 2000/01/24 on VRT1, belgian radio. Needless to say that it was a part of Zjakki's World Famous Cucamonga Radio Show. A Group will be releasing its second solo cd "Volume 3" along with a cd5" called something like "Por Que...". I hope his cd5" makes it into the record stores. And The Flat Earth Society will be releasing their first (mini) album "Live at the Beursschouwburg". I was lucky enough to see them in the AB a couple of months ago and so I can only say that it's a pity that they did not make it a full cd. Will be continued...

* steve vai: the ultra zone
(1999; cd-adv; us; epic aek 69817 s1)
feat.mike keneally
(1999; cd; us; epic 494745 2)
(1999; cd-pro; jpn; sme rec xdcs-93371)
(1999; cd; jpn; sony records / sme records srcs 8977)
Steve Vai has a new album out. It's number six and it's called "The Ultra Zone". In my opinion this one doesn't beat Flex-able, his most zappa-esque recording so far, but I do like it a lot. The Ultra Zone must be his poppiest album to date. Most of the tracks are actual songs, samples and guitar solos included, and not vice versa. 'Jibboom' is the first single to be taken from this album. It's a 'hat tip to Stevie Ray Vaughn' as the liner notes say and rocks quite well. And yes, 'Frank' was written 'in fond memory of' his mentor, Frank Zappa. The japanese promo is said to be a 3 track cd, and the regular japanese version has one extra track: 'Selfless Love'.

* Vai will be touring! Check your local guru for this one!
2000/03/06 'ancienne belgique', brussels, belgium and one day later in the netherlands, IMMSMR

* steve vai: fire in the east
* steve vai: thunder kids (cd2-bootleg)
* steve vai: the moving fingers
Yep, three new vai-boots have surfaced. "Thunder Kids" should be the Tokyo 1994 concert. I haven't got a clue on the two. If you will be looking out for these, pay attention to the format: some dealers are selling them as cdrecordables, with xeroxed (or pc-reproduced) artwork - looks nice and sounds the same, but not to be confused with 'real' cds - so don't pay too much.

* joe jackson: symphony no.1
(1999; cd; us; sony classical sk 64435)
Joe Jackson's classic cd. It has Steve Vai on electric guitar.

* radio disney - kid jams
(1999; cd; us; walt disney records 60642-7)
Lots of artists (??) on this one: Backstreet Boys, 2 Unlimited; Hanson and MC Hammer to name a few. But for one reason or another it also includes Steve Vai playing 'Wipeout'. Bof.

* the songs of west side story
(1996; cd; us; rca victor 09026-62707-2)
The line-up for this album is a bit more impressive: Brian Setzer, Aretha Franklin, Chick Corea & Phil Collins a.o.. And as you might have guessed, Steve Vai is also present. Vai has said before that "west side story" is one of his classics and that he would like to do something with it. Well, this isn't really much, as he is only taking part in 'The Rumble' - Chick Corea's electric band versus Steve Vai's Monsters, but it's something.

that's all for now; more to come real soon,
(thanx to those of you who keep on sending me news!!)

i'm working on one major big nOte file, including beefheart, residents & zappa discography, bands that ex-band-members play(ed) in, coverversions, concerts, etc.. if anyone has any ideas about this, or wants to discuss this, please let me know.

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