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* Captain Beefheart: Bat Chained Trout Sessions (1999, cdr, -)
I mentioned this one last time, but teejo had some x-tra info:
- the cdr "The Original Bat Chain Puller" that I mentioned earlier is alsoout as a cd-boot. I, myself, I've only seen the cdrecordable-version.
- the 'original bat chain puller' tracks (tracks 1 to 11, minus track 8)don't appear in the better-known (from tape-copies) track-listing. & 'poophatch' and 'apes-ma' are missing.
- the 'trout replica' tracks aren't house sessions / outtakes, but rehearsals.

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* guitar techniques, may 1999
(1999, mag + cd, uk, future publishing)
Monthly guitar mag that includes a cd. The mag includes a 'frank zappa soloing study', a lesson by Adrian Clark. The cd, with fz on the cover, not only presents the audio version of this lesson, but also has a superb coverversion of Zappa's Peaches And Regalia on it. The editors didn't get the permission of the Zappa Family to publish the transcription due to copyright blah blah, but tell me something new. Great coverversion played by Adrian Clark, Guthrie Govan and Pete Riley. Get it before it's too late.

* total guitar, june 1999
(1999, mag + cd, uk, future publishing)
Another monthly guitar mag by the same publisher. Also includes a tutorial cd. The mag & cd have Steve Vai's 'Eugene's Trick Bag' from the Crossroads movie. Steve Allsworth transcribed and played the famous guitar duel. It's pretty bizarre that the 'original', the Vai Version never made the soundtrack. Maybe it's something for this big Vai Box that is scheduled later this year.

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* * * The Residents are touring - check out their web-page.
* * * And there's a Zappa thing being organised in Amsterdam, = for this summer.
* * * Ray Farr moved from the UK to Norway to become a famous brass band leader. His band is called "Eikanger-Björsvik Musikklag" and they recorded 'Dog Breath Variations' on cd. It was released a while ago. More info soon.
* * *

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