Onderwerp: the big nOte, januari 31, 2000

links: captain beefheart, the residents, frank zappa and others.

* a group & flat earth society
Jump to the following links and listen to samples from A Group & The Flat Earth Society: (thank you, ben!)

* les chiens comiques: on a ghostship to hollywood
(1997; 7"ep; bel; lama recordings 001 - limited edition of 400 copies)

* jay phlitman & kim kangaroo: the philip eats donuts in the jungle e.p.
(1997; 7"ep; bel; lama recordings 002 - limited edition of 400 copies)
I mentioned Jay Phlitman and Kim Kangaroo about a year ago in the big nOte files. I had seen them on a local tv station. They sounded like the Residents (but what would one expect from someone that takes Snakefinger aka Philip Lithman as an example) and mentioned Captain Beefheart in their lyrics. Well, this dynamic duo made two 7"s a couple of years ago, changing their name each time. They also produced a tape "there's land under the snow", and can be found on a cd sampler called "Trip naar Berlijn". I have only heard these two EPs, but I really like them. Snakefinger and The Big Eyed Ones are never far away: funny & unpretentious. Makes me want to check out the tape and sampler. (Mentioning Beefheart as "Put on your Trout Mask Replica and scare your neighbours" in 'Some things you can do on a rainy day' from the Phlitman & Kangeroo ep.)

* steve vai: flex-able leftovers
(1998, cd, jpn, sme records srcs 8852)
(1998, cd-pro, jpn, sme records srcs 8852)
Every -the big nOte- should have a bit of Vai-news, so here's some more: the japanese edition of flex-able leftovers came out on sme records, the promo looks the same but has a (japanese) 'not for sale' promo sticker on the back-cover.

* steve vai: jibboom
(1999, cd5"-pro, us, sony / epic esk 42974)
Vai's latest single 'jibboom': radio edit and album version.

* joan osborne: relish
(1995; cd; us; mercury / blue gorilla 314 526 699-2)
1995, so I guess I'm a bit late with this one, but it's the first time I heard it, so it deserves a mention here. "Relish" has some big Osborne hits on it like 'St.Teresa' and 'One of Us' - tunes everyone can humm along - but it also has a couple of hidden big nOte links: 'Right Hand Man' is partially credited to Don Van Vliet, and 'Spider Web' and 'Help Me' have former Beefheart sideman Gary Lucas on the guitar.

* diva zappa: when the ball drops
(1999; cd-pro; us)
Co's 4FM radio show on dutch Radio 4 pays a lot of attention to very fine music, including of course lots of Beefheart and Zappa. A couple of days ago he played something rather bizarre (something he had received as some sort of test-cd from the Zappa family): Diva Zappa playing a Dweezil Zappa composition with Tipper Gore on drums: 'When the ball drops", or something like that. (thanx for the tip, aad)

There's a new set of Beefheart Boots. These are home-produced cdrecordables - they look extremely well and sound fine. But I was a bit dissapointed - having paid a lot of money for them - that they're just cdrs. Don't get me wrong! I'm not defending the bootz bizz, not at all, 'cause I like cdrecordables as a means of trading, but I don't like cdrs being sold (for too much) as if they were 'plain' cd boots.

* captain beefheart: live at the golden bear 31/1/81
(1999; cdr2-boot; beef records cbcd 006) - another rollin' red production
'bass solo - suction prints','nowadays a woman's gotta hit a man','I wanna find me a woman','hot head','ashtray heart';'dirty blue gene','smithsonian inst blues','best batch yet','band intro','safe as milk','one red rose','sue egypt','dr dark','bat chain pullar','my human gets my blues','sheriff of hong kong','kandy korn','suction prints','big eyed beans from venus' Beefheart, Jeff Morris Tepper, Rick Snyder, Eric Drew Feldman, Gary Lucas and Robert Williams in their last concert as Captain Beefheart and The Magic Band at 'The Golden Bear', Huntington Beach California, 1981/01/31. (source: FM-radio broadcast; sounds excellent)

* captain beefheart: paradiso 1/11/80 / mudd club 10/12/80
(1999; cdr2-boot; dbcd 004) - another bloodshot rollin' red production
concert 1980/11/01 'paradiso', amsterdam, the netherlands: 'nowadays a woman's gotta hit a man','abba zabba','hot head','ashtray heart','dirty blue gene','best batch yet','safe as milk','flavor bud living','her eyes are a blue million miles','one red rose that I mean','one man sentence','dr dark,',bat chain puller','my human gets me blues','sugar 'n' spikes','veteran's day puppy','dropout boogie','sheriff of hong kong,',kandy korn','suction prints','big eyed beans from venus'. concert 1980/12/10 'mudd club', new york city, ny, usa: 'bass / horn intro','best batch yet','dirty blue gene','sugar 'n spikes','ashtray heart','dr dark','sheriff of hong kong','making love to a vampire with a monkey on my knee','suction prints','big eyed beans from venus'. Beefheart, Jeff Morris Tepper, Rick Snyder, Eric Drew Feldman, Gary Lucas and Robert Williams in concert. If I'm not mistaken I mentioned the beefheart paradiso broadcast on dutch radio a couple of months ago, adding that cd or cdr recordings would appear soon. Well here it is. But it does sound excellent.

* captain beefheart: doodads
(1999; cdr2-boot)
No tracklisting on the cd; not even a clue to where the tracks are coming from. I guess I'll have wait until the next CB-fanzine (steal softly through snow) arrives- scheduled for one of these weeks, or maybe Teejo can beat them to it? These are no concert recordings & the takes do sound excellent. It's supposed to be from an unreleased acetate of Safe as milk sessions, plus a rare live show from 1977.

* captain beefheart: live at my father's place 18/11/78
(1999, cdr2-boot) another bloodshot rollin' red production concert 1978/11/18 'my father's place, new york city, ny, usa: 'tropical hot dog night','nowadays a wonmen's gotta hit a man','owed t'alex','dropout boogie','harry irene','abba zabba','her eyes are a blue million miles','old fart at play','well','ice rose','moonlight on vermont','the floppy boot stomp','you know you're a man','bat chain puller','apes-ma','when I see mommy, I feel like a mummy','veteran's day poppy','safe as milk','suction prints'. As the source says: 'at last a version at the correct speed'

* captain beefheart & his magic band: live at the radar st. 76-80
(1999; cdr2-boot; cbcd 007) another bloodshot rollin' red production
'intro-soundcheck','moonlight on vermont','one nest rolls over','suction prints','best batch yet','dr dark','dirty blue gene','ashtray heart','floppy boot stomp','nowadays','tropical hot dog night','ice rose','hot head','her eyes...','harry irene','one red rose','when I see mommy...','sugar 'n spikes','dropout boogie','my human gets me blues','abba zabba','kandy korn', 'one man sentence','instr,',picture of mahavishnu','ice rose','suction prints','snake radiating light','apes ma','sheriff of hong kon','china pig','a corrot...',',when I hear mommy','dropout boogie','well well well','bat chain pullar','old fart at play','veterans day poppy','big eyed beans','piano / mellotron solo','earth angel' As the title says, these recordings originate from two different concerts at the same locations. Again, an excellent recording. If you want to know which tracks are from when, you'll have to wait for an answer from pros like teejo.

The same source also offered some other titles: * captain beefheart: out here over there (but I had seen that one before)
* mallard live 76 (but I'm sure this is the same recording as the well known 'one day once' bootleg.

* octafish: hai girls
(1999, cd, ger, accu disc adcd 3032)
In 1995, Octafish surprised me (and a lot of other people as well, I guess) with their "Land Unter", a very fine album on which they (also) covered two zappa classics: 'zoot allures' and 'king kong'. And now there's "Hai Girls" ('Hai' meaning 'shark' in german), a superb new album. Two more zappa pieces, 'the torture never stops' and 'g-spot tornado', combined with a lot of very fine, contemporary & jazzy compositions. Essential listening.

always lots of beefheart news in: or aka Teejo's "CAPTAIN BEEFHEART ELECTRICITY"

- more will follow soon!!!


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