Big note may 2 1999

links: frank zappa, captain beefheart, the residents and others

* Alex Rosen : Bobby Brown (1998, cd5", norway, sonet tcd 7909)
* Alex Rosen: In Person (1998, cd, norway, sonet scd 15116)

I haven't heard or seen these. Hans-Peter told me about this only a couple of days ago. The first one is a 5" cd and has different versions of 'Bobby Brown' (club edit, bass mix, easy chords, club mix). The second one is the full cd by Alex Rosen that includes 'Bobby Brown'.

* Var.Art.: MC Music 5 (1998, cd, norway, mc music Mccd 5)

This various artists album includes Alex Rosen playing 'Bobby Brown', mentioned above.

* Steve Vai: In My Dreams With You (1993, 7"-promo, spain, epic / relativity records arie 3213)

Promotional 7" for Steve Vai's 1993 Spain tour. Collector's material.

* Steve Vai: Greasy Live Stuff (1999, cd2-bootleg, stvai 1)

This double cd bootleg has the entire Buenos Aires, Argentina, concert (1995/11/25, 'Grand Rex Theatre'). Audience recording, but first class quality. There's a ten seconds Zappa reference, there's a funny medley (wild thing + argenina's national hymne + twist and shout), and there's a lot of guitar hero stuff. Great concert.

* Captain Beefheart: Bat Chained Trout Sessions (1999, cdr, -)

Another bootleg album that features The Captain. If my sources are correct, it was made in the UK. It's a bit expensive, especially considering the fact that it's a recordable cd, but it's worth it. As the title suggests, the album is made up of: - the original bat chain pullar (improved versions);
tracks 1-7 and 9-11 - 'light reflected...' from the virgin sampler ep, from 1982;
track 8 - trout mask replica - house sessions, from 1969;
track 12-23 The quality of the "original bat chain pullar"-part is far better than what I've heard before. These tracks sound excellent. Not to be compared to "the original bat chain pullar" cdr-bootleg that appeared a little while ago. It's a pity that the "trout mask"-sessions didn't get any similar editing. There's a lot of noise on these tracks.
In all, a fine cd. I don't know if the cd presents all the material from both sessions, so here's the track-listing:
1. a carrot is as close as a rabbit gets to a diamond
2. bat chain pullar
3. brick bats
4. carson city (owed t'alex)
5. flavor bud living (john french)
6. floppy boot stomp
7. harry irene
8. light reflected on the oceans of the moon
9. odd jobs
10. seam croocked sam
11. 1010th day of the human totempole
12. bush recording
13. dachau blues
14. ella guru
15. frownland
16. hairpie 1
17. hobo chang ba
18. my human gets me blues
19. pachuco cadaver
20. she's too much for my mirror
21. steal softly through snow
22. sugar 'n spikes
23. sweet sweet bulbs

* Robert Williams: Date With The Devil's Daughter (1998, cd, us, casual tonalities xocd9828)

Former Beefheart drummer Robert Williams is back. His second solo album in many years. Date With The Devil'' Daughter is a very versatile album. It mixes a lot of different styles: from country over contemporary to oriental music. (One of the tracks is called 'frank and don and me'.)But it's all done very well. I find it a very impressive album. In the meantime, Robert is working with Zoogz Rift on an album project. It's good to have him back on the music-scene. I want more!

books, books + cds, magazines, etceteras

* the complete guide to the music of frank zappa - ben watson (1998, uk, omnibus press)

The complete Frank Zappa discography. The booklets format makes it fit perfectly between the cds. I have only read a couple of pages but it looks interesting.

short bits, but a lot of them:

* * * * February 18, Belgian band De Mens played Bebop Tango as an encore. Including some audience participation! Zjakki saw it (and liked it).
* * * * Corrie Van Binsbergen has a new album out called "Van Binsbergen". If this is anything like the previous one, this is something to look out for. Another album is scheduled for September.
* * * * One of my local tv stations showed Phlitman (?) & Kangaroo playbacking a song in which they sang something like 'and put your trout mask on'. This needs some further investigation.
* * * * Friday, April 30th is saw Jurassic Jazz in Antwerp. Jazz quintet (Bruno Meeus on drums) with some obvious Zappa influences. Liked it a lot. They should have a demo out. Something I'll have a go at. Thank you, Zjakki, for bringing this up.
* * * * The Scientists have a 7" out called 'We Had Love', on the B-side they play Captain Beefheart's 'Clear Spot'. (out on augogo, anda 29)
* * * * Prasky Viber has a new cd out called Prasky Viber Komplett, so this should include Zappa's contribution.
* * * * A member of The Plastic People, a Prague underground band, has released a solo cd on which a Frank Zappa cover is performed.
* * * * The Tinseltown Rebellion Band, a German Zappa-cover band, has a cd out: Tinseltown Rebellion Band Plays Frank Zappa Absolutely Live (or something like that)
* * * * * In 1972 Eddie Zoltan recorded a Frank Zappa coverversion on his 'Spelemannen' album. More news soon.
* * * * Teejo told me that Suzannah Harris is / will be publishing a book called: Under The Same Moon: My Life With Frank Zappa, Steve Vai, Bob Harris and a Community Of Other Artistic Souls. And if this isn't enough Suzannah (and Bob) will be issuing cds as well!
* * * * Rhino Records has a Captain Beefheart cd scheduled for somewhere later this year. We'll see.
* * * * More news from Teejo concerning the Captain: to be released on 18.05.99, CAPTAIN BEEFHEART AND THE MAGIC BAND GROW FINS; 5 ceedee box set, revenant records ; including enhanced cd-rom - with 112-page casebound book; sampler ceedee, revenant records released mid march 1996; promotional issue - not for sale; audiophile 3 double-lp set, xeric / table of the elements; with 24-page libretto, and poster; 7" single SPITBALL SCALPED A BABY xeric / table of the elements; being advertised for months, but not available.
* * * *

(peter van laarhoven), with help from Hans-Peter, Zjakki & Teejo.

By the way, Teejo can be reached at: or & previous big nOtes can be found at the Black Page Website: (hi Aad !)
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