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The Nostradobbyn Contest


We all know that Dave is the best singer/songwriter around. But did you also know that Dave is psychic? Forget about Nostradamus and his arcane predictions; Dave has laid out his own and they're much less ambiguous.

Here are two examples for the skeptical:

Rain on Fire (1994)

from some foreign sky some unstable system
light years of travel shallow beneath the dirt
atoms bashing pure and ancient
they will mine it yet - we will mine it yet
it's a monument
rain on fire
rain down sideways and the wind's carving ice
a team of scientists dressed for the freezing cold
find evidence of life
rain on fire
just like blood

This obviously foreshadowed the NASA claim from 1996 that evidence of life has been found by a team of scientists in a meteorite recovered from Antarctica. 

OK, how about this:

Buried in the Backyard (1993)

Darkness is just hidden by the light
Sometimes I'm just paralysed by the fright of it
I don't mean to be an alarmist
But the things that people bury in the backyard

O, Angels in armchairs
With a lust for demons & bad news
Kill the princess- put her out of her misery
Do me a favour- lock all the doors
And tell me it's just the blues- just the blues

That's right, Dave predicted the death "Kill the princess- put her out of her misery" of Diana Princess of Wales, the darling of the women's magazines, whose target audience are gossip-hungry housewives; "Angels in armchairs with a lust for demons & bad news", and he even predicticed her final resting place in the Spencer estate; "I don't mean to be an alarmist but the things that people bury in the backyard."

And don't get me started on "Don't Hold Your Breath" !  The French have stopped nuking the Pacific...

funbut7.gif (4523 bytes)In that spirit we announce the NOSTRADOBBYN CONTEST!

Yes, we can't help running contests on the Ummm mailing list. So here goes another one, which we're opening up to the Web surfing public.

Listen to some Dave songs or read some lyrics. Find the premonitions and submit both the lyrics and the event you think they're foretelling. In keeping with the tone of the list, serious or completely frivolous entries are welcome.

The contest will begin on Monday, September 8th 1997 and will close when one of your interpretations of a Dobbyn lyric which might come true, does so.

HOW TO ENTER: Submit your lyric and your prediction to me at or join the Ummm crowd and enter it via the mailing list.

READ THE CURRENT ENTRIES: All entries will be posted on this website and distributed to the Ummm mailing list and winners notified once the judges have decided that a prediction has indeed come true.

PRIZES: Yes, there will be prizes. What are they? C'mon now, you're the psychics, you can guess what they are.

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