Tape Trading
I trade analogue cassettes only, cuz I don't have the money for Digital taping formats. If you see something you like and have something I want, e-mail me and we can probably work something out. Be sure to read my rules at the bottom of this page first. When we trade, I will assume you have read them. They're pretty standard, but I'd rather not worry about that while we're setting things up.

Please don't offer me something on my want list if you aren't willing to trade for anything I have. If you don't know which show to choose, don't hesitate to ask me for a recommendation.

I always welcome 2:1's.


  DATE                    VENUE, CITY                           OTHER INFO

    1972  Pacific High Studios Radio Show (Garcia/Saunders)     90 A  FM
12-12-73  Omni Coliseum, Atlanta Soundcheck (Unbroken Chain)    90 A  SBD4
 4-30-77  Palladium, NYC (Scarlet->Fire)                        90 A
10-12-84  Augusta Civic Center, Maine                           90 A  AUD2

10-31-91  Seattle (Annoying cuts in tape, nothing missing)      90 A
 4-09-93  San Francisco                                         90 B+
 2-16-94  Rennes, France                                        90 B+

 3-04-92  Utrecht, Holland                                      90 A
  ----    MTV Unplugged, B-Sides, SF Bridge Benefit (Acoustic)  90 A+
 6-28-98  Alpine Valley, East Troy, WI (Bad echo)              120 A-

 3-21-92  Chestnut Cabaret, Philadelphia                       180 A  SBD
 7-02-95  Sugar Bush, VT                                       180 A  SBD
11-25-98  Pepsi Arena, Albany, NY                              180 A  DAUD2

 9-16-70  Paris Theatre, London                                 90 A-
10-03-71  London                                                90 A-
 6-18-75  Ivor Wynne Stadium, Ontario, Canada                   90 B+
 5-09-77  Oakland Coliseum, Oakland, CA                         90 A-
 3-30-94  Joe Robbie Stadium, Miami                            130 A-

 8-14-93  Club Metro, Chicago                                   60 B+
12-12-95  Melkweg, Amsterdam, NL                                90 B+
 3-13-96  JJJ Radio Show (Acoustic)                             45 A-
 5-04-96  Madrid (Annoying voice-overs in Spanish)              45 A-

  ----    Brad Nowell at the Firecracker Lounge (Acoustic)      50 A-
10-21-95  The Palace, Hollywood                                 90 A  AUD4
 5-24-96  Petaluma, CA                                          90 C

 5-22-96  Bush               Astoria, London                    90 A-
 3-07-67  The Doors          The Matrix, SF                     90 A-
10-31-64  Bob Dylan          NYC                                70 A-
 6-22-69  Jimi Hendrix       Newport, Devonshire Downs          90 B+
 7-08-98  Tool               Maine                              90 B+

Explaination Of Ratings
Anything Rated A(+/-) is good quality, easy to listen to, w/ no real problems. If something is rated A or A+, assume it is a low generation.

A+   Noticeably good, almost CD quality. Very Rare. SBD only.
A     As good as bootlegs usually get, very easy to listen to SBD and low generation AUD.
A-    Still good, but a little more hiss, w/ a few more generations. SBD, higher generation AUD.

B(+/-) is not very good quality, a little harder to listen to, but still possible to get something out of. I don't recommend anyting below B+ unless it's a rare show you really need.

B+   A little annoying, but still possible to listen to.
B      I don't recommend. Have to really concentrate to get into the music.
B-    Same as B, but with even more hiss.

C      Not worth listening to

Tape Rules 

1.  Use Maxell 60, 90, and 100 minute XL II or XL II-S tapes (I use XL II).
2.  Don't use Dolby NR or high speed dubbing.
3.  Send stickers and J-Cards, but no cases.
4.  Don't write on J-cards or stickers. 
5.  Send setlists by e-mail or on a seperate piece of paper.
6.  Use bubble wrap envelopes only and cover the tape w/ the blank J-card and a rubber band.
7.  Make sure you give me all the information you have on your tapes (i.e. Source, Gen, Time, Quality, etc.).

Want List
Limp Bizkit
Stone Temple Pilots
Smashing Pumpkins
Pink Floyd
The Doors
Pearl Jam
Led Zeppelin
Rage Against The Machine
Grateful Dead
Jimi Hendrix
Bob Dylan
Jane's Addiction

I went all out and added a counter to this bootleg page.

E-mail Me to set up a trade...

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