The Void
(By me)
What will the future be? We stand staring forward into a void that is being slowly mapped out, but as the map is uncovered it is useless, and we wait longingly for the next piece. We wait blindly for destiny to be revealed, looking for support from behind us, but it seems harder than ever to turn around without missing something.

There are no real clues about what will happen next. As a race we strive to make the future better, but our race could be gone before the next hour of time is uncovered. The questions have no answers. We have no control.

What will the world be like in five minutes or in five millenia? What is the world like now? Will we destroy each other or help each other to live? Will we even play a role? We can never know, although some think they do. They are wrong. Nothing can turn out exactly as predicted. Each second adds another turn to the labyrinth of life, which some claim to be able to navigate.

So we are here staring into the void with no more concept then we had five minutes ago. The changes occur more and more as technology increases. We will adapt, but how fast can something adapt? As fast as technology, with its exponential speed? Eventually we will be surpassed and it will be impossible to survive. Technology will destroy us and reset itself. Life will go on...

Whaddayathinka that one? Eventually, when I get the time, I'll put another up, until then, that's it. If you have any comments:  E-mail Me.

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