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Who am I? It's kinda hard to say, even though I know me better than anyone else. I can say I'm a musician, and pretty much a classic hemp-neo-hippie. I play guitar and sing in a band called Blooze Nudlez. I spend the rest of my time writing poetry, prose, and listening to my growing collection of bootlegs and CD... of artists I idolize to an almost ridiculous degree: Sublime, Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, Pink Floyd, Phish, Grateful Dead, Pearl Jam, Led Zeppelin, Tool and a ton more. I can listen to any rock music that isn't a sell-out pretty much. I'm dazed and confused, (no pun intended, right?) and an anti-political Cracker/slacker Cliche. I'm not the religious type, and the only sports I'll play are hack and frisbee, practically (Not that I'm good at either one, but it takes forever to get good enough at something without practicing.) And so, I'll leave you with a description of my somewhat out-of-use internet nickname, Void:

It symbolizes a bunch of things, including life's boring points, and nirvana (the buddhist heaven, not the band) in which you are no longer human, but no longer have any desire to be - you are simply a void, with no desires at all. Also a few emotions such as loneliness and isolation. It also stands for void of thought... for when I don't want to think, 'cuz it hurts my brain :-). For a final meaning of the word void, it means that everything we do is void (not useable) when we die, so don't worry about screwing up - have fun!

These are two little things I've written, and this as good a place as any to put them:

As I walk out of the void, returning to reality, something is lost to thought. Without a need to think, it is possible to achieve nirvana. Nirvana can be a state of mind--the state of not using the mind. all we have to do is ignore reality. How can living perfection and happiness occur through money? Money is earned stressfully. Stress is the barrier between reality and nirvana.

There is no meaning in this emptiness we call home. A spinning jumble of random wasted thoughts that noone ever bothers to think about. There's no real reason for any of these emotions we feel...only a sense of what we are--nothing, spinning deeper into the void.

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