A Tribute to Kurt Cobain
The Void
A Tribute to Kurt Cobain and Nirvana
Nirvana - A band that means so much to me and is no more. Every song in its perfect meaning, mood, and emotion. A band who knew what mattered, and a man who couldn't find anyone that truly understood. A revolution in rock that is misunderstood by many and rarely listened to for what it is--one of the best branches of rock and roll ever; clean of predudices and arrogance. Nirvana, in a word. The perfect state of being hidden deep within Kurt Cobain's soal. A brief escape from reality. 

I love Nirvana beyond words, and I love Kurt Cobain for his innocence and optimism. One thing that will never die is Kurt's music. Even when the lyrics had no meaning, the music was full of emotion. I don't listen to Kurt's music for revenge against the world, although sometimes I need that too. I listen to Nirvana because every once in a while I can truly understand. 

Anyone that is angry at Kurt or thinks down upon him for his suicide is wrong. Listen to his voice. The pain he endured for so long just couldn't go on. He had nothing to live for. Noone really understands the agony he lived with, so don't put him down. He had to escape reality and a world against him. Just hope he's in a better place now. I only wonder if he knew what he meant to a few of us. Many of his fans were wrong, but not all of us...

Rest In Peace, Kurt

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