The Void
(All of these are by me)

Disprove Reality

There is no time
Time changes
All the time
Sometimes always strangest

One's not the same
It takes two
There is no fame
No equal few

Unconscious is peace
Conscious is war
Conscious achieves
But nothing more...

Thought is to realise,
Realize pain
It's thought you despise,
Your mental gain

Reality is an alternate dream,
The kind you remember
If you prefer your dreams,
Forget to remember...
(Copyright 1998) Chris McKee


Spin around,
Never drown
Stand up,
Fall down

Stay away
No fear
Not saved
I'm here

Sell out
Your eyes
Your guise

Free fall
In Mesh
So tall,
Not fresh

Burn hate,
Think twice
Your fate,
Your lice...

The Other Way (New)

Would you fly
If you could never land?
Would you fall
If you couldn't stand?
Would you blink
On the last chance?
Would you fight
If you could lose your stance?

Would you fail
To avoid the hail?
Would you lose
If you could get to choose?
Are you afraid to see
What you'd be
If you gave it up
To be set free?

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