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There are a few PC utilities for use with the S3000XL to aid with sample transfers and other editing. The most comprehensive of these is MESA II. This is Akai's own editor and is very good but does require a SCSI card (any Adaptec usually works -see links for more details) to connect to the S3000XL. The others available here are Akaidisk and Teledisk which are disk based solutions. To use these you must first format a disk on the S3000XL and ensure it has no bad sectors. All utilities are zip files to reduce download times:

File Name Size Description
akaidisk-1.0.zip 24.7kb The first version of Akaidisk. This is a basic DOS version which only reads Akai disks and then translates to PC wav files.
akaidisk-2.0.zip 18.9kb The second version of Akaidisk. Still a DOS program but will allow reading and writing of Akai disks. Probably the best version.
akaidisk-2.2.zip 48.8kb The third version of Akaidisk. A Windows front end for the DOS program. Has so odd quirks and doesn't always transfer properly.
mesa2pc.zip (PC)
MESA2v121.hqx (Mac)
1.27Mb The official editor for the S3000XL. Tools for editing most parameters and uploading samples. Will convert wav/aiff files to Akai format. Requires SCSI card.
teledisk.zip 79.2kb A program for transfering banks of samples over the internet. Some samples in this format are available on the Samples page.

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