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Here is a small selection of Akai samples. To use them you will need to download teledisk.zip (50.2kb) for the PC.

Simply unzip the files to your hard drive, insert an Akai formatted floppy disk (with no bad sectors) and then run Teledisk. All instructions are given on screen. Check out the links page for more samples

File Name Size Description
kfkit001.zip 1.2Mb Various samples from KenFen
kfkit002.zip 1.0Mb More samples from KenFen
akaiprgs.zip 23kb And more samples KenFen
bassdisk01.zip 951kb Bass samples from KenFen
dtkit67.zip 1.23Mb Drum samples from KenFen
strings.zip 1.26Mb Strings from the Akai official site
ruting.zip ???kb Several RB338 2.0 loops. The loops are all 80 BPM and none have loop points
amphi.zip ???kb Frog and insect samples! Also samples from Id Software's game QUAKE II

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