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S3000XL features
The S3000XL sampler has become an industry standard due to it's flexible sampling and advanced synthesis cababilities. Although now superseded by the S5000 and S6000, there are plenty of reasons why it is still an excellent buy:
  • 32 voice polyphony
  • Digital resonant filters
  • Assignable Program Modulation (APM) for flexible sound control
  • Powerful DSP features including Timestretch
  • New MultiMode for easy multitimbral setup and layering
  • MESA Remote Control/Librarian Software for Macintosh
  • RAM expansion (up to 32MB) with standard SIMMs
  • Standard MIDI File player
  • Clear, easy-to-learn user interface
  • Compatibility with E-mu and Roland sound libraries
  • Large graphic display
  • Stereo Mix + 8 individual outputs
  • S/PDIF digital I/O
  • Direct-to-disk recording

Expansion options
One of the important features of the S3000XL is it's expandability. The most simple upgrade is a memory upgrade from 2MB to 32MB. This is highly recommended, especially with the low cost of SIMMs. The other options are:

  • EB16 4-channel, studio-quality, multi-effects board
  • IB304F (ProFilter in North America) DSP board for expanded filtering + EQ
  • Up to 16MB of non-volatile Flash Memory

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