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In laboratory conditions, under the observation of research scientists, Swami Rama demonstrated many ways in which one's internal states could be regulated voluntarily. These research demonstrations have been one of the major cornerstones of the mind-body movement of the past few decades.

The example below is an EKG of Swami Rama recorded while he was sitting motionless, and caused his heart to stop pumping blood at will. This was done by voluntarily speeding up his heart rate to over 300 beats per minute, causing atrial flutter. This demonstration and others were performed at the Menninger Foundation, in Topeka, Kansas in 1970. The research was recorded for the public, in part, in the book Beyond Biofeedback, by Elmer and Alyce Green.

Other demonstrations have included psychokinesis (moving objects through mental will power), recording and remembering accurately conversations in the room while registering being in deep sleep (delta) according to EEG, as well as growing and ungrowing cancers on his arms and in his buttocks.

The left photograph below is the 14 inch knitting needle instrument that Swami Rama successfully caused to spin with his mind from a distance of five feet. This was done in the presence of the research scientists at the Menninger Foundation. The right photograph is the mask and plexiglass plate that was placed over Swami Rama's face by the research scientists during the experiments so that breath could not accidentally affect the needles. His body was also entirely covered with a cloth so as to further insure no accidental involvement of body motion with the needles.


The photograph below is of Swami Rama showing a glow of light from the area of his heart chakra. This untouched photograph was taken with a Polaroid camera in response to a challenge from one physician who was skeptical about the ability to cause a visible light to be radiated at will.


These demonstrations were not done merely to impress anybody with the unique powers of one person, but rather to demonstrate to the scientific and medical communities that the human has tremendous ability to self-regulate with training.

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