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I love this idea, it's neat and very cute! .^^. I'm trusting you can differentiate between a bishoujo (pretty girl) and a bishonen (pretty boy). I have many favourite anime characters, but listing all of them here would only clog up webspace, so I've listed most of the bare necessities (I didn't adopt Usagi, forgive me!). If you want to catch your own, just click on the badges/buttons above! They lead to different websites. Oh, and scroll over the pictures, you'll see my comments!
Gally's so cool! Don't be scared by this picture, she's so cute and sweet the rest of the time. Oh, and she's SUPER strong!
Merle is AWESOME! She is the kawaiiest cat-girl I've seen. (She's also the *only* cat-girl I've seen...)
Maron's in this manga called Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne, or something like that. I attempted to read it in Chinese, and failed! She was pretty cool though!
Misty (or Kasumi, I love her Japanese name!) is pretty cool! She can kick any Pokemon trainer's behind!
I haven't seen Tenchi, but I own Ryo-Ohki and as a result of that I tried to find stuff on her, and then I found Sasami! Big long complicated story, but Sasami's soooo cute!
Asuka is so cool! You can't begin to fathom her coolness! No, I'm *dead* serious, she's my favourite bishoujo!
I didn't really like Record of Lodoss War *that* much, but Deedlit's one reason to watch it. She's one cool elf.
Lain is one of the weirdest characters, and the anime is pretty weird itself, but I still like it! Just gotta see the rest of it...I only got to episode 11 =(
Meilin is my favourite Cardcaptor Sakura girl, just because she's the only one who isn't all "goody-goody". You rock Meilin!
Ahhh, it's Chichiri, no da! He is sooo cool, being a monk and all. He usually has his mask on though.
Daisuke, or Davis, is the greatest! He has such a big heart and he would be a great friend.
*squee* Syaoran-kun! He is the biggest sweetie ever, with possibly the biggest heart! I love him sososososo much!
Ashitaka! Suki desu! He's so cute and lovable. Go watch Princess Mononoke, NOW!
I haven't seen DN Angel, but Daisuke is adorable!
Atashi no Quatre!! lol, my first anime obsession. He is soooo sweet!
*giggles* Silly Ash! lol he's really funny, and he has a Pikachu! All this adds up to one cool dude!
Shinji-kun! *glomp* He needs a good hug every once in awhile!
*squee* Taichi! He is soooo cool! I dunno why I like this brain-dead boy so much! *stares dreamily*
Van-sama! He is such a dense sweetie in denial!
Wallace, or Willis, is so cool! And he teases Davis, and is just overall cool!