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Just about everybody who knows anything about Neon Genesis Evangelion seems to think a romantic relationship between yourself and Shinji is not only possible to create and sustain for a lifetime, but would also be the best thing that ever happened to
both of you in both your lifetimes!  So here's a question from a "doubting Thomas" on the subject.  How do YOU feel about that!?

magehealer_zool aka zool_02_2000



Asuka: Me and Shinji? ME AND THAT BAKA?! Why would I want to be romantic with that "hero" Shinji? He's a wimp, he's a sissy, and just because he does one good thing his head gets swelled and he puts all of us in danger! He's such an immature little boy and there's NO way I would even consider having a romantic relationship with him! Since I have no intention of being romantically involved with him there's no way it'll span a liftime, nor will it be the best thing that ever happened to me! In fact, I bet it would be the biggest mistake of my life! He's not even 1/8 of the man that Kaji is! Kaji's the man for me! Kaji... ::goes starry-eyed::
Where did you get the idea of us being together anyway? Mien gott, was it from that stupid kiss?! I was bored and it was the only thing to do! I would never kiss Shinji otherwise! NEVER! ::cracks knuckles:: Who planted this idea of me and Shinji being together in your head? Give me their addresses right now! I'm going to hunt them down and...
Shinji: Asuka! Ready for your massage, darling?
Asuka: ::grumbles:: BAKA! YOU'RE ENCOURAGING THEM!