**NOTE**: This storyline is 'borrowed' from Robert's Anime Corner. It is not copied word-for-word, per say (sp?), I just needed a little...shall we call it inspiration? Great site if you want to buy stuff! Really! I'll probably post the URL on the home page someday.
Neon Genesis Evangelion is the story of Earth recovering from the disasterous 'Second Impact'', which occurred in the year 2000. Half the human race was wiped out.When the story begins it is fifteen years after the Second Impact and the Earth is under assault from the 'Angels', mysterious alien creatures that can act as dangerousconventional weapons. A special organization called NERV has been created to combat the 'Angels' with the weapon that they are also charged with developing, the Evangelions. The Evangelions are giant biomechanical 'mecha' that can only be piloted by a very select group of fourteen year old 'children'. NERV's headquarters is built inside a huge 'Geofront', which is located underneath Tokyo 3, a city built entirely with the defense against the Angels in mind. Also, in this time, the world governments are controlled by a secret organization called SEELE (including the UN), which directly sanctions and funds NERV, and is responsible for the forwarding of something called the 'Human Complement Project'. 

Personally I believe that the above is only a subplot. It is only the circumstance that brings these characters together and reveals in them the best and worst human qualities. However, there is no 'bad guy' in this anime. Sure, there are definitely characters that are disliked, even hated, by the fans of Evangelion. But whereas in other animes the villains do evil just because they feel like it, it is easy to see why the less savory characters do what they do. They
have to do it, to save the human race.

The characters in this anime are superb, they are believable for the most part, and many can sympathize with them, seeing parts of themselves in the unfortunate animated humans. The character development is excellent, each of the main characters are fully explored and explained. Also the suspense is played well. The plot is a carefully woven tapestry telling a story the compells one to watch more, and more, and more...until it's over.

This anime is HIGHLY recommended to any anime lover. No matter what genre you prefer it is almost guaranteed that you will enjoy this anime! There is so much emotion, yet it's the best kind of drama: the kind that has some humor in it! It's recommened (by this webmistress) to buy the whole series at once, or you will be killing yourself with suspense. I suggest the DVD format, that way you have the option of dubbed, which is standable, or subbed, which is absolutely great!

Trust me on this people, many sites and critics have declared this the best anime ever produced!
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