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My first layout. I never titled it, but I'll just call it "Influenced By NERV". I stupidly forgot to take a shot of the main page, so here's the Episode Summaries page. It was a pretty dark, sort of reflected the whole concept of Eva. Oh, and in the navigation section I had the page being viewed in italics. I plan to carry that out, it's kind of a nice effect. I picked up the background somewhere (I forget where. -_-'') The banner I made myself, my first graphic! ^_^ Not anything too special about this layout...
v.2 Summer Ice Cream Fun! Lame title, I know, but I'm not that imaginative! It was made in celebration of my release from summer school. Everything was very simple, I just put words on a nice 'summery' picture, the background was kind of bubbly. I like bubbles, they're lots of fun and give me a summer feel, since I never blow bubbles any other time. For the links I lined everything up at the bottom of the page and put a cute little ice cream icon in front of each link.  This layout lasted about two weeks, since it will be inappropriate after school starts. I think I'll stick with long and thin banners from now on though, a big banner is kind of awkward.