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Moe Larry Curly Shemp

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Joe Besser & Curly Joe

A Brief History Of The 3 Stooges

Some Supporting Characters That Made The Stooges Great

Key Persons in The Stooges Rise To Fame

Episode Guide (Thank you, 3-Stooges.COM!)

Before They Were Famous... They Were Stooge Co-Stars


1. Which Stooges were related? ??

2. What was the brothers REAL last name? ??

3. Who was the oldest Stooge? ??

4. Who died first? ??

5. What did Curly have to do before being allowed to become a Stooge? ??

6. Larry was originally a musician. What did he play? ??

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A Tribute Page To The Great Emil Sitka, Stooge Regular. This page was prepared by his son, Saxon. It is my pleasure to include this link for all my visitors.

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"Take off your hat, Put your left hand on the bible, Raise your right hand...

Take Off Your Hat!!

(From "Disorder in the Court," 1936)

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