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David Boreanaz

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David Boreanaz, who is currently 27 years old (as of April 2nd, 1999), has become famous with "his quiet intensity as the mysterious and tortured Angel" on the show Buffy, the Vampire Slayer (although he's nothing like that in real life - he's so talkative!). Since he was seven, after seeing the inspiring performance of Yul Brynner in The King and I, David had a feeling that acting would be in his future (to be continued... whenever I can...)

Any Old Information About David:

*David's Italian and Czech

*Like Angel, he likes hanging out in cemeteries. When he was a kid, he got caught playing with Roman candles in cemeteries all the tiem. Now he loves really old cemeteries with "those ancient" gravestones. They're so spooky".

*David really lies jazz and the blues - but don't talk to him about techno - he really hates it.

*He's a junk-food addict. "I'm really into that white stuff. Fluff!"

*His birthday is May 16th, 1971, which makes him Taurus (like me!)

*David's totally close to his family. He was in the delivery room when his neice was born.

*Not only does David dream about being in movies, but he also wants to write, direct and produce them. "Spiderman", is one of my dream roles.

*Dave's 6'1"!

*Sometimes David phones his fans - so don't forget to leave your number on those fan letters!

*Rent the Aspen Extreme to see him. But don't blink. He was in it for maybe a second and a half.

*David drank tons of milk and ate green beans because he heard that it made him run faster and jump higher.

*Him and Buffy like to joke around a lot. "Before doing kissing scenes, we try to gross each other out be eating things like Goldfish crackers or tuna fish. We know it's disgusting, but we do it just to joke around.

Buffy Buffy Page Cordelia Faith Giles Oz Spike Willow Xander