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I know it's a very scary pic, but it's all I have right now! (Thanx, Amber).

Ooh... another one! These ones are so adorable.

The info (thanx, Amber) will be comin' later... but for now, it'll be...: Little Known Facts About Seth (Or Just Anything About Seth)

*Seth's favourite Spice Girl is Ginger Spice

*Seth weighs about 115 lbs.

*Seth's favourite WB star is Michelle Williams, and Selma Blair is his runner-up

*Seth's favourite toe is the second from his big toe - "his pointer toe"

*If Seth could have lunch with one person, dead or alive, it would be... "someone who could make a good lunch, I guess".

*Seth once brought a quarter that he got from the "Tooth Fairy" in tenth grade and everyone said, "There's no tooth fairy!" so Seth said, "You guys are all liars!"

*If Seth weren't an actor, he would probably work a lot harder at learning to play the guitar and then he'd work in a bookstar and have aspirations of being a rock star.

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