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Charisma Carpenter had no intentions to pursue acting, but, well, you know fate. It interfered in Los Angeles while she was working as a waitress to save for her eductation. Charisma was discovered by a commercial agent, and that's where her ating career began. She appeared in more than 20 commercials including one for Secret anti-persperant which ran for two years (the commercial, not the deoderant). Her first big break (in television) came with a guest spot on Baywatch. Not long after, Charisma auditioned for Aaron Spelling, who cast her the role of Ashley on Malibu Shores. She was born in Las Vegas, and lived there until she was 15, when her family moved to Mexico and San Diego to take classes at the School of the Creative and Performing Arts. After she graduated from school, she travelled through Europe. After she returned, she moved to San Diego and had various jobs to support herself through junior college. She'd worked in a video store, taught aerobics and waited on tables (that was the "breakthrough" job). Offscreen, Charisma enjoys the outdoors, rollerblading, hiking, sky diving, rock climbinb, running and horse back riding. She also likes travelling and cooking. Charisma continues to dance and is a former San Diego Charger Girl cheerleader. She currently resides in Los Angeles with her golden retriever.

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