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James Marsters, currently 28, grew up in Modesto, California. He likes to listen to alternative rock (like Radiohead). James is left-handed (if you care) and has a cat from the Bronx called Zachary. James likes to paint, play his guitar and work on his Suzuki Samurai. According to him, bleaching his now spikey blond hair hurt like crazy. His Spike-British accent is fake, also. When he was a kid, James liked to break into churches and railroad cars with his friends (how Spike-like!) and also enjoys violence on film (not high on my list of pros). Too bad he has a girlfriend, though. He's starred in Trolius and Cressida. James also starred inCamino Real, Tempest andRed Noses at the Goodman Theatre. At the Next Theatre, James he starred in The Normal Heart. At The American Conservatory Theatre in Seattle, James was also in Handling Down the Names andVoices in the Dark and he was a guest star on Millenium. James hasn't done a lot of TV shows, but he had guest roles in Medicime Moloney and Northern Expposure. He also got starring roles in Smokeless Tobacco andCommon Ground. (to be continued... hopefully tomorrow...)

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