Chicago Hope Cast

This is a list of the cast of Chicago Hope. To see a list of each actors filmographies from the Internet Movie DataBase click on the actors name. To read a description of the character click on the characters name. Please note that the character descriptions are not complete (in fact they are very rough and will go through many changes, I'm not sure if I like the format they are in now) and will be updated as I watch more of the older episodes. If you have any character descriptions please email me and I will post them as soon as possible. Also in parenthesis are the episode numbers that the information is from, if I know which episode it was.

Adam Arkin plays Dr. Aaron Shutt (1994- ).

Peter Berg plays Dr. William 'Billy' Kronk.(1995-1999)

Jayne Brook plays Dr. Diane Grad. (1995-1999)

Rocky Carroll plays Dr. Keith Wilkes. (1996- )

Stacy Edwards plays Dr. Lisa Caterra. (1997-1999)

Vondie Curtis-Hall plays Dr. Dennis Hancock.(1995-1999)

Mark Harmon plays Dr. Jack McNeil. (1996- )

Barbara Hershey plays Dr. Francesca Alberghetti. (1999- )

Hector Elizondo plays Dr. Phillip Watters. (1994- )

James Garner plays Hugh Miller. (2000 - )

Thomas Gibson played Dr. Daniel Nyland. (1994-1997)

Carla Gugino plays Dr. Gina Simon. (1999- )

Roxanne Hart played Nurse Camille Shutt. (1994-1996)

Lauren Holly plays Dr. Jeremy Hanlon (1999 - )

Christine Lahti plays Dr. Kathryn 'Kate' Austin.(1995-1999)

Peter MacNicol played Attorney Alan 'The Eel' Birch.(1994-1995)

Mandy Patinkin plays Dr. Jeffrey Geiger. (1994-1995) (1999- )

Alan Rosenburg plays Stu Brickman. (1999 - ) Jamey Sheridan played Dr. John Sutton. (1995-1996)

Eric Stoltz plays Dr. Robert Yeats. (1998-1999)

Other cast

These are people who have, or had, small or recurring roles in the show but are not part of the main cast.

Bob Bancroft plays Dr. Joe Caccaci

Jason Beghe played Danny, he dated Kate Austin during season four.

Amie Carey played Marisella Kieth.

Kathryn Harrold plays Karen Wilder.

Sam Jenkins played Dr. Caroline Eggert, an intern.

Robin Lively played Nurse Maggie Atkisson.

Phyllis Lyons played Dr.Phyllis Larkin.

Roma Maffia played Angela, Geiger and Shutts secretary.

E.G. Marshall played Dr. Arthur Thurmond.

Kathy Najimy played Dr. Barbara "Bix" Konstadt.

Mia Sara played Annie Ruemann, Billy Kronk's ex-girlfriend.

Ron Silver played Tommy Wilmette, Kate Austin's ex-husband.

Diane Venora played Dr. Geri Infante.

Mae Whitman plays Sara Wilmette, Kate Austin's daughter

Vanessa Williams (not the singer) played Dr. Carr, an intern.

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