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May 14, 2007: My how time flies. Actually, less time than I thought because apparently I did write and kinda post something last August. So, where I am: CSI: Diurnal Dreaming series is nearing the end. I've posted Disassociation, likely the second last story in the series. CSI: Glass Crucible is going slowly but probably not as slowly as it would if I actually watched the show (I find watching the show can simply KILL any enjoyment in it). I've been playing around with the Buffy-verse and an alternative to me (alternative-alternative to canon) in the BoP-verse but, again, going a bit slowly. BoP: Modern Mythology... these four stories (Poseidon, Hephateaus, Zeus and Dionysus) were writing themselves at the same time for some reason. So here they are.


Public Service Announcement: Now... by the time you read this the final issue of Strangers in Paradise will be hitting the comic book shelves. Anyone who's listened to me babble about comics knows I love the medium but damn, this goes beyond it. And the thought of it ending has be doing the "is the last issue out/hope the last issue never comes" thing going - just like it was with Buffy. Next, if you have access to BBC and can catch Doctor Who (Number Nine or Number Ten) I recommend it as well. You don't need to know anything about the old Doctor Who series (here, I'll recap: the Doctor never dies, he likes the human race, Daleks are BAD) to enjoy it. Like Babylon 5 and Buffy there is one person overseeing it and writing the link episodes. Now, the public service announcement part... if you do this you're going to not write fanfic as much. Just the way it is. But you get to read and watch great story.



Birds of Prey

CSI: Glass Crucible

CSI: Diurnal Dreaming

ER: The Thing-verse

Policy and Procedure 1: Correct Protocol

1: Twelve Hours

1: The Deal

1: The Lounge

Policy and Procedure 2: Correct Reaction

2: Thirteen Hours

2: The Debt

2: The Roof

Policy and Procedure 3: Correct Motivation

3: Eight Days

3: The Diner

3: The River

Policy and Procedure 4: Perfect Timing

4: Sixteen Weeks

4: The Disclosure

4: The Dating Thing

Policy and Procedure 5: Perfect Weekend


5: The Discussion

5: Autumn

Policy and Procedure 6: Perfect Form


6: Discord

6: Winter

Policy and Procedure 7: The More Things Change


7: (Interlude) Discovery

7: Early Thaw

Modern Mythology 1: Artemis


8: Deconstruction

8: Spring

Modern Mythology 2: Athena


9: Dénouement

9: Heat Wave

Modern Mythology 3: Aphrodite


10: Discovery II

10: The Thing in the Basement

Modern Mythology 4: Demeter


11: Détente

11: The Door at the Bottom of the Stairs

Modern Mythology 5: Ares


12: Dancing

12: The Face in the Mirror

Modern Mythology 6: Hermes


13: Disco

13: Cold Snap

Modern Mythology 7: Apollo


14: Desire

14a: The Story of My Life

Modern Mythology 8: Hera


15: Distraction

14b: The Ghost in the Bed

Modern Mythology 9: Poseidon


16: Danger Pay

15: The Nightlight in the Birdhouse

Modern Mythology 10: Hephateaus


17: Disassociation

16: A Thing About You

Modern Mythology 11: Zeus



17: All Good Things

Modern Mythology 12: Dionysus




Modern Mythology 13: TBA




Modern Mythology 14: TBA




Modern Mythology 15: TBA




P&P 8 / MM 16: The More They Stay The Same








Stand Alone: The Elephant Wades in Molasses








Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Miscellaneous and Cross-overs

Miscellaneous ER

ER: Outrigger Series

Into the Fire 1: I'm Reunited

Chicago Cabs: Maggie (ER)

The Lining

Part One

Into the Fire 2: The Spark

I Watch the Lights (Third Watch)

The ER/Grease Parody

Part Two

Into the Fire 3: Yearn for Comfort

Fan Fic Heck

Law and, er, Order

Part Three

Schrodinger's Angel


Viva Las Vegas

Outrigger Christmas Carol






Xena Princess Warrior



Road Trip

Α/Ω 1: Tribute

2: Conversation


75 Miles to Sunnydale

Α/Ω 2: Temptation

3: Vacation



Α/Ω 3: Redemption

4: Anniversary


Reviews: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Desserts of the Heart












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What's Old

August 6, 2006: Been awhile. BG wrote a story. I stole… er paid homage to it. Elephant Wades in Molasses. That's it. CSI and BoP sequels in the work but, hey, it's summer.


May 6, 2006: Modern Mythology #7, Apollo and Modern Mythology #8, Hera. If you've read all the Neil Gaiman like I told you go read William Gibson. Happy spring or autumn, depending on your hemisphere.


March 05, 2006: For your reading enjoyment, or –you know- not, Modern Mythology #5, Ares and Modern Mythology #6, Hermes. Please be advised that I'm taking the show canon, the comic canon and a 25lb cannon and just going with it. I am also falling madly in love with Neil Gaiman again. Everyone go and buy or borrow and something his novels. What else… CSI is on hold for a bit. Two ansty Saras are getting confused but we'll sort them out. Think that's it. Oh, both stories are, as always, unbetaed for the most part so any spelling, typing or grammar errors gratefully acknowledged. Any plot holes will also be gratefully accepted.


January 2, 2006: Hey. Modern Mythology #4, Demeter. Absolutely incapable of anything deep or witty to say. Happy New Year.


October to December 2005: 1. Changed version number to 8.3 when asked if the version number a) was an affectation (okay, not exactly what was asked but that's what my brain translated it into) or b) served a purpose. Answer is c) all of the above hence 8.3. 2. Posted Modern Mythology 2: Athena. No-Prize to anyone who a) guesses focus of this instalment and b) knows what a No-Prize is. 3. Fixed the reference to Eight Hours to Eight Days. It was an editing thing in the Glass Crucible series because my brain couldn't make the jump from hours to days. I suppose the next three will be months, years and decades. Centuries would be pushing it. 4. Dated this update (xxx. Xx, 2005) (and then DIDN'T. Best laid plans, etc.) so when I move it to the What's Old I won't have to use 'circa' again.. Then, due to recent reminisces of computer days gone past, changed the font for the version to a dot-matrixy kind of thing. And maybe changed the other fonts but not so much as you'd notice and, no, this does not warrant a version revision. Or, if it did, it would be 8.3.1 and even I'm not that compulsive. 5. Fine. I am, apparently, that compulsive. 6. Renumbered the Star Trek stories because I just realized that they're wrong. There's a lost number 1 and a lost number 4. I then spent about two days looking through stuff I wrote years and years ago for it and found most of Part 1 but I'm sparing you from it. 7. Waited so long to update the home page that Modern Mythology 3: Aphrodite got finished and posted. If I practice my procrastination a bit more I'll be finished the series before I update again.


Circa October 2005: (condensed version sans ramble) BOP: Policy and Procedure 7: The More Things Change and the final Policy and Procedure: The More They Stay The Same, CSI: Glass Crucible 3: Eight Days, BOP: Modern Mythology 1: Artemis and CSI: Diurnal Dreaming 16: Danger Pay.


June 20, 2005: New non-Diurnal Dreaming CSI. The flipside of "what if Sara got stuck in the fishtank instead of Nicky" from the investigation side called Thirteen Hours.


June 5, 2005: New Diurnal Dreaming called Distraction. Too brain dead to think of anything even remotely witty to say about it.


May 31, 2005: New CSI. A "what if Sara got stuck in the fishtank instead of Nicky" story called Twelve Hours.


May 24, 2005: Just a little fill-in-the-blanks CSI story while I multitask four stories. Hopefully it will concrete some ideas in my head. Desire can be found directly here.


April 15, 2005: Updated the homepage but forgot to upload it. So, no you didn't miss anything. CSI stories Détente, Dancing and Disco of the now named series "Diurnal Dreaming". Perfect Form is finally completed in the Birds of Prey series that I'm mentally calling Season Two but that's just an easy way out of naming the series.

April 7, 2005: CSI stories would be Deconstruction, Dénouement and Discovery II. Apparently I was wrong about the CSI stories being finished. Oh, and gave the series a name. Birds of Prey would be Perfect Weekend. Still no series name there.

March 29, 2005: Three CSI stories. I'm not hoarding them them, they just were written simultaneously. This may be the last of the CSI cycle. You can find them in the table below or direct links here: The Discussion, Discord and finally an interlude: Discovery. Oh, and no -no secret meaning behind all the titles starting with the letter D. It's just that things like that amuse me.

March 22, 2005: The two CSI stories previously mentioned. The Diner and The Disclosure.

March 20, 2005: Umm, Yahoo ate my front page. I think. Anyway, another CSI story, The Debt. There's two CSI stories and one BoP story in the works. Then I might sit in a funk for another 18 months. There is an update list. The button for it appears and disappears but you can send an email to Usually I remember to use it.

March 11, 2005: And the beat goes on. New Birds of Prey story called Perfect Timing where we actually have Helena and Barbara in the same story. Whoo. Rearranged the table below and redid all the disclaimers/credits for the Birds of Prey stories because they were annoying me. Then, apparently went insane so there's this CSI: Classic thing called The Deal. Considering I haven't posted anything since the end of 2003 I guess I'm due for a growth spurt or something.

March 8, 2005: Correct Motivation. Also, uploaded slightly corrected versions of #1 and #2. All typos and grammar corrections, no plot or dialogue changes. Oh, and corrected the spelling of Helena's name. Sheesh.

March 6, 2005: Correct Reaction. I really have no idea.

March 4, 2005: A story. Wonders of wonders. Birds of Prey where it’s the Helena from the show and Commissioner Gordon from the comics. Go figure. I called it Correct Protocol, which would be acronymed backwards to PC. Go figure again.