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The Site
Who runs
Is this site official?
Can I use photos from this site on my web site/in my magazine etc?
How do I submit my FanFiction?

The Show
What is Ballykissangel?
When did it start?
How many series are there?
Is there going to be another series?
Why was Ballykissangel cancelled?
Why is each series so short?
Who's the writer?
Where is it filmed?
Which bits are filmed on location?
Is there any connection between BallyK and Hope Island?

The Stories
How do you pronounce..?
What does 'on a hiding to nothing' mean?
Did Peter say he was going to Canada?
What happened to...?
Why did Assumpta die?

Where was the lake in episode 3.10/11?

The Actors
Why did ... leave?
What else have I seen ... in?
Is it true that 'Peter' and 'Assumpta' were an item in real life?

The Fans
How many people watch the show?
What are fans of the series called?
Is there any merchandise available?
Are those the only videos available?
Can I visit the set?
Are there any other Ballykissangel web sites?
How can I talk to other fans of the show?


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