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Welcome to the Ballykissangel Fan Fiction Archive. Fanfic for the series really started because the majority of viewers didn't like the end of the third series and thought they could do better... so they did. You are warned that the fanfics may spoil the end of series 3 for you if you haven't already seen it. But if you have, this is the place to seek solace!

DISCLAIMER: Ballykissangel and the characters portrayed in these works remain the copyright of the BBC, World Productions and Kieran Prendiville. Kieran, we love you really, but you admitted yourself that you would have done it differently! The fanfics are just a tribute to our favourite TV show. The fanfics themselves remain the copyright of the respective author.

The files are .txt format - click the link to see them or right-click (ctrl-click on Macs) to download them.
Here we present the collected works of the 'we can do better' brigade:

The Happy Happy Ending - An alternative to episode 3.12. The happier ending for the third series.
Out In The Open - Alternative episode 4.1. Let's face it, they have a lot to get through.
Second Thoughts - Alternative 4.2. After the immense events of the last six months, is Peter having second thoughts?
Think Different - Alternative episode 4.3. A tribute to the ones who think they can change the world.
Never That Simple - Would Assumpta have changed that fuse in other circumstances? What do you think?!

The Ballykissangel Mailing List
Assumpta's Diary - An account of Assumpta's feelings throughout series 1-3, written by members of the BallyK Mailing List.

Peter Clifford
A Postcard From Peter - A note from Peter to let us all know how he's getting on.

Debbe Burke
Second Chance - An absolutely wonderful fanfic - nice choice of character name too!

A Different View - An alternative ending from one of our most regular fanfic writers.
No Matter What, I Will Always Love You - Assumpta is four months pregnant, but there's a shock in store.
Family of Four - Assumpta and Peter now have twin girls. With surprise visits from old flames and a surprise present.
Little Business Ventures - Quigley wants a new venture and the children have one under way for a special cause.
Sequel to the Prequel - Ryan's Mother 2???

Alt 3.11 - Another alternative ending from Anne.
Alt 3.12 - Assumpta finally gets to meet some of Peter's family.
Alt 4.1 - A Ballykissangel football match gives Peter a chance to level the score.
Alt 4.2 - The village rallies round to make their American friends welcome.
Alt 4.3 - Remember Ambrose and Niamh's attempts at conception??!
Alt 4.4 - Peter learns more about Assumpta's past.
Alt 4.5 - How will Peter and Assumpta cope with separation?
Alt 4.6 - The long-awaited birth of Peter and Assumpta's first child.

Alt End 'I Know When I'm Not Wanted' - Ever wanted that episode to end a different way?
Season Two Thoughts - Peter and Assumpta's thoughts during the episodes of series two.
Alt 3.11 Number 3 - Another alternative to our least favourite ending!

Kara's Alternative Ending - The first in a series by new fanfic writer, Kara.
Alt. Amongst Friends - Kara's second fanfic, the alternative to Amongst Friends.

Linda Suazo
The End of The Reckoning - What could have happened after the food fair.
The Story - The essence of BallyK in a poem.
Assumpta's Journal - Linda's version of Assumpta's diary, covering series 1-3.
Amongst Friends Revisited - This is what really happened!
When Irish Eyes Are Smiling - If Peter's mother had known about Assumpta...

Michele Lyons
Final Episode - Written as the closure of the show, I have to say, this fanfic is quite brilliant!
Stormy, Stormy Night - Michele's second fanfic.

Lisa Ulrich
The Bridge - Peter's thoughts and memories.
Full Circle - Peter returns to BallyK, seven years later.
The Right Path - History repeating itself?

Alice Cook
What If... - Could this be the start of a BallyK sequel 'Kilburn Park'? Niamh bumps into some familiar faces.

Silvie Fouache
Have I Told You That I Love You - An alternative ending to The Reckoning.

Deb Jones
The Unfinished Fanfic - Deb's great fanfic... to be continued... one day!

Heather Morey
Alt End 'I Know When I'm Not Wanted' - Another alternative to another heartbreaker.

Claire Sheridan
The Way It Should Have Been - Claire's vision of Peter and Assumpta's future.

Helen Boyle
Twas The Night Before New Year - The BallyK regulars celebrate the New Year in this great fanfic.

Michele ('Old Crone')
Michele's Poem - A great bit of poetry about the fourth series.
'Twas The Night Before Christmas - Another wonderful piece from our resident poet.

Mollie & Jason Lundy
Alternative Ending
The Timeline - What might have happened had Peter and Assumpta come clean earlier.
You Had Me From Hello - A fanfic which reveals more of Peter and Assumpta's thoughts.


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