Seinfeld Video Gallery

Here are some funny video clips from the show. If you're having troubles downloading them email me.

Video Clip 1

File name : Voice.avi
File size : 1.51MB
Episode : The Voice
Description : Jerry has to choose between his girlfriend and doing the voice.

Video Clip 2

File name : Handicap.avi
File size : 2.41MB
Episode : The Butter Shave
Description : George's co-workers at "Play Now" think George is handicapped.

Video Clip 3

File name : Badkramer.avi
File size : 1.25MB
Episode : The Andrea Doria
Description : Kramer runs away when Jerry wants to take him to the doctor.

Video Clip 4

File name : Swim.avi
File size : 964KB
Episode : The Fix-Up
Description : George thinks he's gonna be a father ("My boys can swim!").

Video Clip 5

File name : Shrinkage.avi
File size : 1.51MB
Episode : The Hamptons
Description : George and Jerry talk with Elaine about shrinkage.

Video Clip 6

File name : Menage.avi
File size : 3.06MB
Episode : The Label Maker
Description : George tries to get out of his relationship.

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